How to Get IRS Unclaimed Tax Refunds: Here's What to Do If You Think You Have Pending Payments
Here's what to do to determine whether or not you have any unclaimed payments from the IRS that are still pending and how you will claim them.
Streamlining Success: The Future of Restaurant Inventory with Brendan Charles' Heart of House
When you go out to eat at your favorite establishment, you don't think about the mind-blowing amount of logistics that go into getting your favorite six ingredient cocktail made and served, or your fa
Baltimore Sues Dali Cargo Ship Owner and Manager for Negligence That Led to Key Bridge Collapse
Baltimore's mayor and city council are demanding that the owner and manager of the cargo ship responsible for the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge be held completely accountable for the
Donald Trump Hush Money Criminal Trial: Prosecutors Allege 'Election Fraud,' While Defense Says 'None of This Was a Crime'
The hush money criminal trial of former President Donald Trump is underway in New York City.
Minnesota's 'Pay Now, Save Later' Electronics Recycling Bill Stalls in Senate
The bill proposes a 3.2% recycling fee on most electronics at purchase, except for phones, to enable free recycling services and tackle the growing problem of electronic waste.
Top BBC News Anchor Resigns on Medical Advice 9 Months After Scandal Involving Sexually Explicit Photos with Teenager
Huw Edwards had been the BBC's leading presenter throughout major events such as Queen Elizabeth II's death and funeral, but was suspended in July 2023 after charges surfaced.
JetBlue Ex-CEO Robin Hayes Appointed to Head Airbus’s North American Division
Robin Hayes, former CEO of JetBlue, will now serve as the head of Airbus' North American operations.
Construction Commences on Multi-Billion Dollar High-Speed Rail Line Connecting Las Vegas and Los Angeles
A $12 billion high-speed rail project connecting Las Vegas and Los Angeles started building on Monday, April 22.
Received Higbee & Associates Copyright Demand Letter? Here's What to Do Next!
Higbee & Associates' communication frequently escalate when a suspected infringer is not represented by legal counsel. Here's how to handle the situation when you received a letter from the firm.
Disney Tech Exec Aaron LaBerge Steps Down for Personal Reasons
Aaron LaBerge, the chief technology officer for Disney Entertainment and ESPN, is stepping down from his role at the company.
Tesla Uses New State Law to Bypass Austin's Environmental Regulations at Texas Gigafactory
The law allows landowners near large cities to request exemption from city environmental regulations.
Canadian Family Receives Wrong Remains After Father Died While on Vacation in Cuba
A grieving Canadian family is looking for answers after their father's remains were never returned from Cuba, and a terrible mistake brought another man's body to Canada.
Delta Air Lines Increases Flight Attendant, Ground Workers Wages by 5%, Boosts Starting Pay
Delta Air Lines is increasing wages for nonunion employees as it prepares for another attempt by a union to represent flight attendants.
Celebrity Designer Nancy Gonzalez Jailed for Smuggling Crocodile, Python Handbags
Nancy Gonzalez's accessories have been embraced by high-profile celebrities like Britney Spears and the cast of 'Sex and the City.'
Joe Biden Announces $7 Billion in Solar Grants for Low-Income Households on Earth Day
Biden's $7B grants are set to create 200,000 jobs and save households $400 yearly on energy costs.
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