Elon Musk's SpaceX Working With Northrop Grumman on Secret Spy Satellite Project for US Intelligence: Report
Elon Musk's SpaceX has reportedly partnered with Northrop Grumman on a secret spy satellite project.
UK Supermarkets Misled Shoppers with Origin Labels on Food, Investigation Finds
The investigation conducted by Which? uncovered cases where labels inaccurately portrayed product origins as British, despite containing ingredients sourced from overseas.
Stability AI Cuts 10% of Its Workforce Following the Controversial Exit of Its CEO
Stability AI has initiated a round of layoffs following the departure of its CEO, Emad Mostaque.
Australian Farmer Prepares Grave of 3,000 Sheep After Failing to Find Buyer
A heartbreaking video captures the somber moment of an Australian farmer preparing a mass grave for 3000 sheep, shedding light on a significant concern.
Netflix Exceeds Projections with 9.33 Million New Subscribers in Q1, Hitting Nearly 270 Million Total
The increase in subscribers has boosted Netflix's total count to 269.6 million, surpassing Wall Street's expected figure of 264.2 million by a significant margin.
Where's My Child Tax Credit 2024: When to Receive My Money After April 15 Tax Filing Deadline?
The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is an essential resource for families, providing much-needed financial assistance to eligible taxpayers with children. Let's explore the details of the credit for 2024.
Hyundai Pauses Ads on X Platform Due to Antisemitic Posts
X has taken action by suspending the account responsible for the antisemitic posts, citing violations of its policy against abusive profiles.
IMF Urges $42 Billion Support for Ukraine; G7 Proposes Funding from Seized Russian Assets
IMF urges $42 billion aid for Ukraine amid Russia-Ukraine conflict, calling it a barrier to growth; G7 proposes using seized Russian assets.
NATO, EU: G7 Nations Must Boost Military Support for Ukraine as Russia Gains Ground
NATO and the EU urge the G7 to boost Ukraine's defense amid fears of Russian advantage. Iran-Israel tensions necessitated calls for tighter sanctions.
What Empower Finance's Acquisition of Petal Means for Cardholders
Empower Finance acquires Petal, merging strengths for cardholders. Potential access to Empower's financial tools may come with subscription fees.
Uber's Verification Pilot Program Launches! What it Means to Drivers, Passengers
Uber's verification pilot program is being launched in some US cities. What does this effort mean to drivers and passengers?
CI Games, Developer of Lords of the Fallen, Reports Best-Ever Year With 400% Revenue Surge After 10% Job Cuts
Lord of the Fallen developer CI Games reports a record-breaking 400% surge in company profits, just after implementing a 10% job cut that it received criticism for earlier in the year.
Snap Stock Soars as US Lawmakers Push TikTok Ban Bil; Is This the Good Time to Invest?
Snap's stock increased by almost 5% because of the revised TikTok ban bill.
Marina Bay Sands Reports Record Profit Surge of $811.4 Million in Q1 Alone
Marina Bay Sands (MBS) reported a surge in profits by 51.5% to $811.4 million in the first quarter of 2024, which coincided with the increase in casino revenue to $859 million from $593 million the pr
37 Suspects Operating Fraud Website 'LabHost' Arrested After Scamming Thousands of Victims
International law enforcement agencies, led by Britain’s Metropolitan Police, have successfully dismantled LabHost, a fraudulent website used by thousands of criminals to steal personal details, arres
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