Tesla To Recall 2024 Cybertrucks Over Accelerator Issues; Free Repairs for Faulty Pedals Offered
Tesla is recalling over 3,000 2024 Cybertrucks produced between Nov 13, 2023 - Apr 4, 2024 due to a potentially faulty pedal mechanism that may cause unintended acceleration, with Tesla committing to
Apple Pulls WhatsApp and Threads From China App Store in Response to Orders From Beijing
China's top internet regulator ordered Apple to remove WhatsApp and Threads from their app store, citing national security concerns.
Trump Media Issues Warning to Nasdaq CEO Over Alleged Market Manipulation
Trump Media, led by CEO Devin Nunes, alerts Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman of potential market manipulation of DJT stock, citing concerns over "naked" short selling following a decline in share value since
China Shows Heavy Support for Hong Kong Economy After Pressuring the Country to Enact New Security Law
China pledged increased support for Hong Kong's economy after enacting a new security law, which Human Rights activists condemned for silencing political dissents against China.
Netflix to Stop Reporting Subscriber Numbers By 2025; Tells Wall Street to Just Focus on Profits
Netflix's decision to cease reporting quarterly subscriber numbers heralds a shift in focus towards financial metrics like revenue and free cash flow, indicating its evolution beyond the "streaming wa
US Committee Reveals Secret Brazil Court Orders to Elon Musk's X Regarding Account Suspensions
A US congressional committee revealed classified Brazilian court rulings suspending accounts on the social media platform X, providing insight into choices that have sparked accusations about suspecte
San Francisco Sues Oakland for Trademark Infringement Over Proposed Airport Name Change
San Francisco has sued the city of Oakland over its plan to rename its airport to "San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport."
Dubai Struggles to Bounce Back After United Arab Emirates Floods Delayed Airport Flight Schedules
Dubai's major airport announced on Friday that it will limit the number of flights arriving for the next two days as it works to remove a three-day backlog caused by a record storm in the UAE.
American Millionaire Charged in Brutal Murders of Canadian Tycoon and His Partner in Dominica Denied Bail
American millionaire Jonathan Lehrer, charged in the brutal murders of a wealthy Canadian couple in Dominica, has been denied bail.
Sheetz Convenience Store Accused of Racial Discrimination After Denying Employment of Black, Mixed-Race, and Native American Applicants
A federal agency accused a famous gas station chain of employment procedures that discriminate against Black, Native American, and multiracial applicants.
Michigan Family Sues Wendy's for $20 Million After 11-Year-Old Girl Suffered Deadly E.Coli Infection
A Michigan family of an 11-year-old girl has filed a $20 million lawsuit alleging that their daughter was severely infected with an E. coli-related disease due to what they described as "disgusting" c
Joe Biden Moves to Triple Tariffs on Chinese Steel and Aluminum to Protect US Industries Against China's Unfair Practices
President Joe Biden has proposed a tripling of the existing tariff rate on some steel and aluminum imports from China.
Sony Reportedly Eyeing Joint Bid with Apollo to Acquire Paramount Global
Paramount's stock experienced a surge in after-hours trading following news of the bid discussions.
EU Slams Meta's 'Privacy for Cash' Model, Says SocMed Platforms Should Provide Free Option Without Targeted Ads
EU privacy watchdog suggested that Meta platforms and other major online platforms should provide users with the choice to use their services for free, without the inclusion of targeted advertising.
Trump Media Investors Finally See Uptick in Their Shares for 2 Straight Days
Trump Media shares closed almost 26% higher on Thursday.
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