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More capital poured into Super PAC for presidential race

Nearly half of the capital have been poured into Super Pacs' wallet beating the presidential and congressional races. The biggest contributors of 2016 have poured nearly $195 million in order to inspire the presidential poll.

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Cruz Super PAC Challenges Trump to Abortion Debate; Offers $1.5 Million to Veterans' Charities if Trump Accepts

Two of Ted Cruz's Super PACs have challenged Donald Trump to debate the Texas Senator. The debate is to be done before January 31 and if Trump accepts, the Super PACs would donate $1.5 million to veterans' charities.

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Ted Cruz Campaign collects psychological data from Millions of Facebook users

US Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz harvests data called "psychographic profiles" from tens of millions of US citizens in Facebook. According to The Guardian Ted Cruz's campaign collected these data without the permission of the Facebook users.

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