More capital poured into Super PAC for presidential race

By Staff Writer

Feb 10, 2016 02:09 AM EST

Nearly half of the capital have been poured into Super Pacs' wallet beating the presidential and congressional races. Many donors volunteered to spend their money for the presidential election.

The biggest contributors of 2016 have poured nearly $195 million in order to inspire the presidential poll. Small donors have contributed a combined amount of $155 million to back up the election, according to the campaign finance numbers analysed by POLITICO.

Jeb Bush's campaign for the GOP candidate received $49 million, Ted Cruz's GOP crusade raised $37 million  and super PACs dedicated to Hillary Clinton received $38 million from the contributors. Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas, seems to have sealed the support from four donors including Bob Mercer, a hedge fund magnet in New York, Toby Neugebauer, an energy investor in Texas, Dick and Liz Uihlein, manufacturers in Illinois, and Cisco's Wilks family.

Meanwhile, a super PAC backing Marco Rubio, a rival of Ted Cruz's GOP, has received $22 million from the donors. However, Marco Rubio seems to have the backing from 14 top donors, which suggests that Marco might receive more capital from his supporters if he endures the 'Saturday night debate performance' and emerges to beat Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Jeb Bush, who is struggling in the presidential election, said he wants to upturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling that allows unlimited spending for the election campaign, according to CNN Politics. Bush wants to prevent the dark money from entering into the political arena. Following the comment made by Bush, Donald Trump, the national GOP election head, ridiculed him on Twitter. Trump tweeted "Now that Bush has wasted $120 million of special interest money on his failed campaign, he says he would end super PACs. Sad!"

The super PAC Right to Rise has raised $118 million, which is nearly four times more than other super PACs. A new one day poll conducted by the Bush's super PAC Right to Rise showed that Donald Trump ranks highest with 29% vote, John Kasich ranks second with 14 percent vote and Bush placed in third position with 12 percent in New Hampshire, according to Breitbart.

While senator Ted Cruz ranks fourth with 10% vote and Marco Rubio ranks fifth with 9% voters. The poll was conducted following the Saturday Republican debate. This shows that Kasich and Trump are well positioned in New Hampshire location than Jeb Bush.

Millions of dollars have been spend for the 2016 presidential race and more donors are willing to support their presidential candidate. Capital from small donors are also filling the campaign finance box with an aim to elect the new President.

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