American Retirees To Soon Gain Reliable Income Stream Via BlackRock Fund Amid Savings Crisis

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink advocates urgent action to address the US retirement crisis, proposing initiatives like the LifePath Paycheck fund to provide retirees with a reliable income stream.

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Pope Francis Receives Greetings As He Turns 80

Pope Francis may be spending his 80th birthday just as a normal working day, but people worldwide have taken their time to extend their greetings to the Pope. Reaching the age of 80, the Pope has the option to retire already. However, considering his plans to visit different countries in the coming years, he does not seem to have retirement in immediate sight.

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Conor McGregor Predicts Eddie Alvarez’s Retirement on UFC 205

Throughout his career, Conor McGregor has made some daring expectations. This recent one might be very well interesting and will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

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Vijay Mallya Steps Down As Sanofi India Chairman

Vijay Mallya announcement his retirement as Sanofi India Chairman and wishes not to be elected anymore. He said that he wants to spend more time in England where his children stay.

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Obama's myRA is a retirement savings solution: free, no risk

The U.S. federal government has launched a retirement savings program called myRA. The program was first announced by President Obama in his 2014 State of the Union address.

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Age does really matter in achieving financial success

Whether it's for an emergency fund, a college education, or a comfortable retirement, it's important to have savings. It's a crucial step in taking control of your financial life and can even have positive effects to other areas such as your emotional and physical wellbeing.

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Americans badly need good investment advice on retirement plans

It's estimated that savings of Americans for retirement is at a whopping $17 billion per annum. But is it in the safe hands. The conflicted financial advice is costing the US citizens billions of dollars.

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Social security strategies for singles - these are friends with real benefits

Single people who were never married have lesser Social Security filing option. But still, you have to understand what they are and which one fits your needs best, according to Forbes.

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You too can drop everything and travel the world for $40,000

Mark and Britnee Johnston spent a whole year's vacation leave days or two weeks on a trip to Vietnam. It was their first long trip as a couple and as they toured the small Asian country and talked to other travellers, two weeks of travel suddenly didn't seem enough. Mark said that they felt unsatisfied thinking that they have to wait another year to have another vacation again.

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Social Security: What and When to Collect; What's the Max Strategy if Single, Never Married with No Kids

Most consider their Social Security as their biggest asset. But to get the best from your lifetime benefits, you must know what and when to collect.

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401K: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Alternative

A 401k loan is stirring a negative public impression lately and many argues whether it's something worth risking for. Forbes's Investing section contributor Michael Smith gives his expert advice on the matter.

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Returns on US Public Pensions drop to worst since 2012

The US State and Local government pension funds registered worst performance since 2012 following the bleak performance in global stock markets and bonds.

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Look forward to your retirement: Some tips on how to retire smarter

Retirees typically are concerned with their income and safety when old age comes. And while there are plenty of retirement investments to choose from, choosing one can be confusing and not to mention daunting. Finance experts consider market investments a better choice for a safer retirement than insurance products.

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Americans saving more, but not for retirement

A greater number of Americans are saving their hard-earned money, not for retirement but for emergencies. According to an annual survey by financial research firm Hearts & Wallets, household savings in 2014 was at 5.5%, nearly a percentage point higher than the previous year.

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Not all cities are created equal: Here are the best places to retire abroad

Retirees planning on settling overseas often consider costs of living as their deciding factor. Aside from the coveted seaside views, friendly English-speaking community and safety, investment is also a factor to contemplate on.

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