Look forward to your retirement: Some tips on how to retire smarter

By MoneyTimes

Aug 05, 2015 08:48 PM EDT

Retirees typically are concerned with their income and safety when old age comes. And while there are plenty of retirement investments to choose from, choosing one can be confusing and not to mention daunting. Finance experts consider market investments a better choice for a safer retirement than insurance products.

Investors recommend investing on a mix of bond and stocks. Creating a portfolio is not at all that difficult.CNN Money recommends an appropriate combination of cash, bonds, and stocks, also called as "asset allocation".

Choose a combination that is suited to a preferable risk for tolerance, which allows a retiree to enjoy the gains as the market climbs while also providing protection as it falls. When settled on a combination that you feel is sensible, stick to it.

Asset allocation can also change because a person's risk tolerance reduces with age. Stocks are volatile, therefore, riskier and more expensive in the short term. Stock investments are usually reduced over time. Bonds are less volatile and are weaker long-term investments so it is recommended that the percentage of bonds be increased over time.

A good idea to minimize a retiree's worry on taking market risks is to ensure having sufficient cash to enjoy his retirement days. Others do this by deciding to keep on working for a while longer while some manage to set aside money early on in life. Although money saved in the bank may not grow as fast as many would like it to, having savings can make the future brighter than having none at all.

An article written by Mitch Tuchman for Forbes recommends investing early in life. The longer the time of investment, the higher is the possibility for the money to grow. People who experience financial success and enjoying best profits are usually those who start investing early. When investing, it is also crucial to stay patient and stick to an investing strategy long term.

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