Regulatory Capture of the Press

Regulatory Capture describes how the governement regulators come to be controlled by those that they are meant to reglate.

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Trump On Wrong Regulatory

The Trump administration is correct in focusing on the pernicious role that federl regulations can play in economic growth.

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Checked Midnight Regulatory Power

Small-business owners have become conditioned to expect, it’s uncertainty – in the struggle to stay competitive in a tough economy, maintain top talent, meet monthly revenue goals, access needed capital and credit, or any number of challenges that arise in the course of day-to-day business

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Laws and Regulatory on Trump's Admnistration

The Republicans will be holding the White House and the house of congress and the preident-elec will have the opportunity to select two SEC Commisioner and a new Chair.

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Regulatory Blind Spots Gained Notice In Zillah Ammonia Leak

Although the emergency response in the recent ammonia leak was considered quick and effective, concerns on possible regulatory blind spots in facility safety inspection surfaced.

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Annual Report Shows Vermont Has The Best Insurance Regulatory System

The annual Insurance Regulation Report Card determined the effectiveness of the states' insurance regulatory system. The report revealed that Vermont has the best insurance regulation, receiving an A+ grade.

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Navigator Office Aids Small Businesses In Regulatory Process

To help guide entrepreneurs in the process of setting up their small businesses, the local government of Minneapolis set up a "navigator" office. Owners of small businesses who shared their previous experiences going through the "confusing and frustrating" system, gathered at the City Hall to celebrate the city's recent action.

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IAEA Finishes Complete The First Ever South African Regulatory Review

South Africa's nuclear regulatory framework is robust, but improvements are needed in the country's regulation of the use of radiation sources, an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) review mission has found.

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Fox Strikes $14.6 Billion Deal With Sky

After a failed attempt to buy Sky in 2010, Fox moved again to acquire 61% of the company through a $14.6 billion deal. The deal, however, faced opposition over concerns of potential over-concentration of power since Rupert Murdoch also owns stakes in other firms in the U.K.

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Vermont Ranks Low In Health Care Access Due To Over-Regulation

A recent study that focused in measuring health care openness and access ranked Vermont among the worst in the nation. Jared Rhoads, a research project manager with the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and one of the authors of the study, cited the state's over-regulation as one of the factors for the ranking.

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Federal Court Rejects Appeal To Delay Fiduciary Rule

NAFA's bid to delay the implementation deadline of the fiduciary rule has been defeated after the federal court rejected the group's request. The new regulation has been opposed by many industry members, but the Department of Labor has also been active in defending the matter in several courts.

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First Ever Ascent Position Paper Exhibits Robo Advice Regulatory Issues

First Ascent Position Paper Explores Robo Advice Regulatory Issues

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Regulatory Change Lead the Rising Halibut

Rising halibut catch may lead to regulatory change. Fishermen say stocks are healthier, but the federal government still lists the species as 'overfished.'

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Nawaz-Led To Pause Regulatory Authorities

Nawaz-led govt to clip wings of regulatory authorities.

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Illinois Company Asks Regulatory OK in FairPoint Merger

Illinois Company is asking for regulatory approval in FairPoint Merger.

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