Regulations For Okanagan Wine Industry In Favors Wine Makers

The Okanagan wine industry benefits from the regulatory changes that allow wine makers to indicate in the label the sub-region where the wine was produced.

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Business Analysis: IG Investments In A Post-Regulatory World

The absence of strong regulatory governments only strengthens the need for IG investments to enable deals that create wealth. In many respects, the cross-border innovations in how wealth is created, including deals in which digital information is the most substantive asset via data licensing, big data analytics, etc., will succeed or fail based on how well trust is established in the business data.

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FCC's Pai Urges To Fire Up Regulatory Weed Whacker

For Ajit Pai, it is now time to boost and fire up the Regulatory Weed Whacker.

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Regulatory Authority Fines Morgan Stanley $1.5 Million For Broken Link

The firm Morgan Stanley Smith Barney was fined $1.5 million for technical failures including a broken online link, preventing clients from checking fund prospectuses online for nine months.

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Financial Conduct Authority To Implement Stricter Rules In Spread-Betting

An investigation on spread-betting revealed that 82% of users lost money. In response, the Financial Conduct Authority proposed for stricter rules for the industry.

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Md Regulatory Reform

The commission of Maryland had issued a report and recommendation on regulatory reform.

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Trax Introduces "Insight+", A Comprehensive MiFID and EMIR Regulatory Rules Engine

Trax is a leading provider of capital market data, trade matching and regulatory reporting services to the global securities market. In 2015, Trax processed 1.1 billion transactions on behalf of its user community, including 13.3 million fixed income transactions. Trax estimates that it processes approximately 65% of all fixed income transactions in Europe as part of its post-trade service offering.

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Regulatory Labyrinth Gig Economy Payments

Gig Economy has been gaining a lot of tractions around the world and could sum up in just one word: regulatory.

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Powelson Takes Over National Utility Regulatory Group

PUC's Powelson takes helm of national utility regulatory group

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BC Counsellors Call For A More Exclusive Regulatory Establishment

B.C. counsellors seek establishment of regulatory body for their profession

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Obama White House Reps Key In New And Final Regulatory Agenda

Barack Obama, particularly his representatives in white house is setting up new and final regulatory agenda.

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3D Communications Broadens FDA and EMA Regulatory and Scientific Services

3D Communications is preeminent in preparing pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies for regulatory meetings with the FDA, EMA, and other regulatory agencies. It has just announced that it will expand its healthcare globally.

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Lawmaker Strives For IoT Security Regulatory Remedy

Caused by some reasons especially for security, lawmakers makes IoT security more strict.

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Tobacco Fall In 2016 Sees A Legislative & Regulatory Roundup As Solution

Tobacco legislation and regulation is constantly under review at the local, state and federal levels. In this monthly roundup, Convenience Store News highlights the latest proposals and approved changes happening across the United States.

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Digital Era Continues To Make Things More Complicated With The Regulatory Systems

Risk can be managed successfully with an IT policy that considers the sensitivity of different types of data and the IT service best suited to handling it.

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