Project Tango

Apple Acquires Flyby Media, Possibly Aims To Develop iPhone Headsets Capable of Analyzing Human Motion

Apple has been used to acquire smaller technology enterprises occasionally and is reluctant to discussing its policy or plan. This has been referred as the Apple’s usual nod for purchasing any company by the analysts. Thus the analysts confirm Apple’s Flyby Media acquisition and predict developing of iPhone headsets capable of tracking subject’s motion.

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Google- Movidius Joint Ventured Phones Will Analyze Visions With Human Rationality

Movidius, a chip maker, working on neural network technology has announced collaborations with Google on Thursday. Under the partnership agreement, Google will arrange license for some low power chips of Movidius. In return, the search engine provider will be able to use the machine learning and computer visioning technologies to its mobile devices. Computer visioning capabilities will enable users to experience low latency on their mobile devices.

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NYC's Flyby becomes first messaging app to use Google's image recognition technology

New York City, US-based messaging app Flyby becomes the first consumer-facing app to use the image recognition technology in Google's 3D mapping project called Project Tango to let users attach text and video messages to objects in the real world.

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Google announces smartphone platform Project Tango for mobile 3D mapping

US-based search giant Google announced that it is developing an experimental smartphone 3D mapping platform called Project Tango which is led by the advanced hardware group of Motorola.

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