Apple Acquires Flyby Media, Possibly Aims To Develop iPhone Headsets Capable of Analyzing Human Motion

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Jan 31, 2016 07:18 PM EST

Apple has reportedly acquired an augmented reality startup called Flyby Media. The startup enterprise has developed technology for mapping spaces using smart phones. The Californian tech giant has also been reported to assemble a secret team focused on technology and develop a headset to compete with Facebook's FB or Oculus Rift.

A team comprising of mobile industry entrepreneurs and computer vision scientist in Flyby has developed the technology that may elevate real world of experiences. This technology appears to be useful for tracking head-mounted displays in virtual reality or augmented reality systems. Apple's current interest over virtual reality technology logically explains the acquisition, reports VentureBeat.

Flyby developed app enables smart phones to scan objects in the real world and archives the scanned images to a collection of shared objects. The app allows the database sharing friends for sending messages to those objects as a mean for communication. TechCrunch considers the app as an instance of Internet of Things (IoT).

Flyby Media is a New York based venture backed company that is changing the way people discover, capture, and share the moments that make life wonderful. It develops next-generation consumer mobile social applications that connect the physical world with digital content, reports MarketWatch while narrating the profile of the acquired entity.

Apple inherits smaller technology enterprises occasionally and reluctant discussing its purposes or plans, narrates an Apple spokesperson through an email. However, the industry insiders have labeled the email quotations as Apple's usual nod for acquisition.

The app developer has previously worked with Google on its 'Project Tango'. This Google project has offered mobile devices a mean to determine their geographic locations.

Besides, Flyby has participated in Apple related projects too. It has developed a proprietary iPhone based product to create scalable floor plans for integration into Apple's MapsConnect program, according to the recently scrapped Flyby website statement.

Some analysts have previously anticipated that Apple will consider acquiring a larger company with virtual-reality technologies, such as GoPro Inc. GoPro meanwhile, has reportedly closed a series of its own virtual reality acquisitions of Kolor and Spherical during 2015.

The much anticipated Flyby collaborated Apple headset may be connected with an iPhone set atop the personal computer and track the person's motion. This sort of virtual reality head tracking are believed to be an excellent application of the iPhone.

It has been widely anticipated that Apple has acquired Flyby media reputed for developing technology of mapping spaces using smart phones. Apple responds tricky but its recent interest over VR technology supports the acquisition. The app New York based app developer is experienced to collaborate in Google's Project Tango. However, analysts believe, with technical support from Flyby Media, Apple will develop iPhone headsets capable of analyzing users' motions.

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