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Crop Failures Provoke Suicides Amongst Indian Farmers

Research Reveals Shocking Scale Of Child Slavery In India

The scale of child slavery and abusive working conditions in India's spinning mills shocked researchers despite working on the issue for five years already. The researchers called for better enforcement of labor laws and mapping of supply chains.

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Building Industry Addresses Labor Shortage

Building Industry Addresses Labor Shortage

There is a labour shortage in the building industry.

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Canada’s Agricultural Sector In Crisis Due To Labor Shortage

Canada’s Agricultural Sector In Crisis Due To Labor Shortage

Shortage in low-skilled farm workers threatens to double in 2025, worsening the already challenged agricultural sector. The growing labor gap in the sector was brought about by different factors that include globalization, physicality of work and aging work force, and the existing immigration policy.

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New Toyota Production Line Opens

Auto Worker Unions Seek Slimmer Pay Raises as Japan Economy Stagnates

Japan’s auto workers unions had agreed on slimmer pay raise of 3,000 yen, only half the amount they demanded last year. That would hinder Prime Minister Abe’s determination to put an end to the country’s economy stagnation by boosting domestic growth and reviving exports.

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Global Markets React To Chinese Stocks Plunge

U.S companies are concerned about regulations, economic growth and other factors

The survey revealed that one of the top concerns defining most U.S companies' tough times doing business in China is uncertain regulations that they perceived as unwelcoming to foreign companies. The slowing of China's economic growth also remains a concern, along with rising labor costs, censorship, and air pollution. However, China is still most foreign countries' investment priority among other markets.

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O&M for Charles Youssef Spring/Summer 2016 Presentation

Jobs That Are Most Stress Free And The Brighest

Stress at work sometimes cannot be avoided. However, certain jobs have lower stress levels, including Information Security Analyst, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, University Professor, and Hair Stylist.

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Restaurant Spends 100 Thousand US Dollars Hiring Robots As Waiters

Robots, Automation and Artificial Intelligence to replace Human Jobs According to The World Economic Forum

With the advancement of technologies, businesses would prefer robots or artificial intelligence as workers. However, the industries would still need growing numbers of certain skilled workers.

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Internet users

China sees greater shift to internet-based enterprises

The rising costs of labor and infrastructure are paving the way for more opportunities being created via the internet. The online-based ventures are growing up in China and also enhancing the efficiency of the traditional enterprises as well. Mobile internet is changing the way consumer market behaves in the world's second-largest economy. Initially, the technology innovation doesn't happen in a consumer market, but it takes place in the enterprise segment. The consolidation is very slow in the traditional Chinese business when compared to the western part of the world.

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Strikes cast shadow over Ford's South African investment prospects

U.S. carmaker Ford is hesitant about investing further in its South African operation because of repeated production stoppages caused by strikes, its regional chief said on Thursday.

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Adam Silver

NBA commissioner takes issue with union chief over salary cap

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said on Thursday he "couldn't disagree more" with remarks made by the head of the players union that the league's salary cap is unjust and un-American.

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Workers' Strike

Brazil's Embraer says strike blocking 'critical operations'

Brazilian planemaker Embraer SA (EMBR3.SA) said on Saturday that a strike that began this week stopped it from delivering planes, processing bills and conducting other "critical operations" after union workers blocked factory doors.

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Philadelphia-area transit workers avert strike by approving contract

Philadelphia-area transit workers have voted overwhelmingly to ratify a two-year contract with the local transportation agency, averting a strike that threatened to cripple bus and rail lines and that their union warned would be long and contentious.

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Apple's response to Pegatron's claimed labor abuses

Apple issued a statement in response to Pegatron's claimed labor abuses.

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