Analysis: The Biggest Hedge Fund Paydays Of 2016, From Charter Communications To Natural Gas

The Biggest Hedge Fund Paydays Of 2016, From Charter Communications To Natural Gas

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Estimate Analysis

The RFC will be reporting its next earning early next year.

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Business Analysis: IG Investments In A Post-Regulatory World

The absence of strong regulatory governments only strengthens the need for IG investments to enable deals that create wealth. In many respects, the cross-border innovations in how wealth is created, including deals in which digital information is the most substantive asset via data licensing, big data analytics, etc., will succeed or fail based on how well trust is established in the business data.

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U.S. CEO Pay Fell Sharply in 2015, The Biggest Drop Since Financial Crisis

CEOs salaries nationwide in U.S. has shown a declining trend in 2015, the biggest drop since the financial crisis. Some factors including the decrease in pension gains contributed to the decreasing in CEO pay.

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Apple can reach a trillion-dollar valuation - analysts

Analysts said Apple could attain a trillion-dollar valuation considering the company's current services, products and investments for the future.

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Apple's new iPhone M to outsell iPhone 5s in 2014

Steve Milunovich, an analyst from UBS, said Apple's iPhone M would outsell the company's flagship smartphone iPhone 5s next year.

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China's economic slump will affect the globe - GIC

According to Singapore's GIC, China's credit crunch will have great effects on many economies worldwide.

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LinkedIn's second quarter earnings impresses Wall Street, stocks rise by 7.5%

The second quarter earnings of LinkedIn impressed Wall Street which resulted to 7.5% increase in the company's shares' price.

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Smartphone battle claims "biggest victim", HTC

HTC was considered as the "biggest victim" by an industry analysis from Citi.

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Zynga plays a losing game - analysts

According to analysts, core business problems will cause to company to ultimately crumble despite its tactical move to exit its online gambling venture.

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Apple is well-positioned in the tech war - analysts

Analysts said that Apple's business strategies and continuous innovation would be the key to the company's success in the future.

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BlackBerry hopes for better fortune - analysts

BlackBerry could turn things around if the company's restructuring, product improvement and marketing strategy would succeed.

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Barnes & Noble's future is bleak - analysts

According to analysts, the future of Barnes & Noble is bleak due to plunging sales and market shares including higher expenses than earnings.

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Microsoft's problem is its marketing strategy - analysts

According to analysts, Microsoft's current problem is not its products but its marketing strategies.

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Lack of subsidies will boost sales of iPhone

Analysts said that the telecom operators' plan to slash subsidies would boost iPhone sales.

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