Apple is well-positioned in the tech war - analysts

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 31, 2013 05:41 AM EDT

Apple's third quarter earnings outdid the market estimates by a margin. Analysts said that the company's strategies would let it win in the current tech war.

Apple said its quarterly revenues were US$35.3 billion and its net profit was US$6.9 billion with earnings per share of US$7.47. The corporation sold a record of 31.3 million iPhones compared with 26 million last year. The iPhone shipment grew by 20% year on year. The iPad contributed 21% of its overall earnings even if its sales exhibited weakness in the quarter. For the fiscal 2012, the company's cash was roughly US$121.2 billion which made up around 69% of Apple's total assets.

Apple optimally used its cash resources through the share buyback program and dividends. Also, the corporation's business strategy of designing and making its own operating system, application software, hardware and services proved to be its advantage. Analysts advised that innovation in the form of research and development or via purchases of corporations that make innovative products would be the key to the success of Apple in the future.

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