Anti-Trump Groups Spends Millions on Ads on Trump's Sexist Quotes against Women

Anti-Trump groups are spending millions in campaign and advertisements to stop him from winning the presidency nomination. A new Anti-Trump ad is showing women read aloud the GOP frontrunner’s sexist quotes on women. The producer spent millions to air the ad.

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Facebook Plans to Monetize Messenger; Will Allow Businesses to Send Ads

A leaked document revealed Facebook’s plan to start monetizing on of its fastest-growing and most popular product, the Messenger. The document stated that in the second quarter this year, a new feature would be launched, allowing businesses to send advertisement chats via Messenger.

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Yahoo-AOL merger proposal: recipe for revival, or stagnation?

A proposed merger of Internet pioneers AOL Inc and Yahoo Inc could create a nimbler player in Web video, but strong growth, the measure of success in Silicon Valley, would remain elusive.

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BlackBerry to take out ads to talk directly to the consumers

BlackBerry Chief Marketing Officer said the firm had taken one page ads to communicate with its consumer base.

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Greenlight: Facebook can make more money by offering to remove ads, for a price

Facebook can make more money by offering to remove Newsfeed ads for a monthly fee, according to Greenlight.

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Facebook can triple its profits with just one move

Analysts stated that Facebook could earn three times more than its reported second quarter income by allowing users to pay for an ad-free experience.

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