Italian Defense Giant CEO Calls AI Threat A 'Stupidity,' Shows Concerns Over Humans Instead

For Roberto Cingolani, AI is not the problem; human control is.

Willy Wonka-Inspired Event in Glasgow Ends With Visitors Calling Police as They Believe They Got Scammed

A Willy Wonka-inspired fan experience in Glasgow, Scotland, did not leave a sweet taste to ticketholders...

In South Korea, Companies Are Paying Workers up to $75,000 to Have Babies

Some companies in South Korea are giving employees up to $75,000 bonuses to have babies...

Elon Musk Mocks Canada's Justin Trudeau by Sharing Real Images of Him in 'Brownface,' Various Costumes, Then Credited Them to AI Tool

Elon Musk has mocked Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by sharing real photos of him in "brownface" and different ethnic costumes on X and then sarcastically crediting them to Google's Gemini AI ..

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