Amazon’s Prime Day Is Coming up — Here’s How to Redeem a Gift Card

With Prime Day imminent, people could be able to pay for purchases using Amazon gift cards, which can be redeemed using the Amazon website or app.

Elon Musk Offers Own Sperm to Colonize Mars — Is It Possible?

The New York Times revealed that Elon Musk is intending to donate his own sperm to boost the colonization of Mars...

Sonic Manager Fatally Shot in Drive-Thru After Dispute With Customers Over Fake Money

A 33-year-old night manager at a Sonic restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, was tragically shot and killed during a dispute with customers over counterfeit money while working in the drive-thru...

Utah CEO and Daughter Killed in Tragic Roadway Accident with Bulldozer

The CEO of Lifetime Products and his 16-year-old daughter tragically lost their lives when a mini bulldozer fell off a tow truck and landed on their car in Ogden Canyon, Utah...

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Earned Income Tax Credit Eligibility: Why You May Not Qualify and Steps to Become Eligible
Overcoming common barriers such as income limits and filing status can enable individuals to qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
Ex- DEI Manager Barbara Furlow-Smiles Receives 5-Year Imprisonment for Allegedly Stealing $5 Million From Facebook, Nike
Federal authorities convicted a former diversity manager at Facebook and Nike to five years and three months for stealing more than $5 million in DEI funds.
Texas Residents Win to Preserve Historic 19th-Century Farm Amid Mall Development Battle
Residents near Dallas halted a farmland-to-shopping-center project through community opposition, leading the developer to retract the proposal, while in Plano, the Haggards face possible revisions to
Elon Musk Revives Challenge to Mark Zuckerberg for Physical Fight a Day After the Meta CEO's 40th Birthday
Elon Musk has revived his challenge to Mark Zuckerberg for a physical fight a day after the Meta CEO's 40th birthday.
Here Are 5 Signs an Applicant is Likely to Pass (or Fail) Debt Relief Program
Debt relief programs could be helpful for people drowning in debt who would qualify, but it could not be said for everyone else.
FDA Approves Amgen Drug for Most Deadly Form of Lung Cancer
Amgen's treatment for patients with the most deadly form of lung cancer has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday.
US Seniors: What You Need to Know About Retirement Abroad
With a growing number of people in the US choosing to retire elsewhere, those doing so are advised to research thoroughly on where to retire and enjoy their Social Security payments as much as possibl
Investment Banker at Bank of America Dies from Blood Clot, Cited 100-Hour Weeks as Reason for Wanting to Leave
A Bank of America investment banker, previously a Green Beret, died from a blood clot after planning to leave his 100-hour-per-week job.
Barge Hits Bridge in Galveston, Texas Causing Partial Collapse, Oil Spill
A barge collided with a causeway in Galveston, Texas, breaking a portion of the bridge and spilling oil into the water but resulting in no casualties.
New York State’s EBT System to Undergo 11-Hour Outage Due to Maintenance, Upgrade on May 19
The New York Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance has advised Electronic Benefits Transfer cardholders to make adjustments as the EBT system would be down for 11 hours on May 19.
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