Amazon’s Prime Day Is Coming up — Here’s How to Redeem a Gift Card

With Prime Day imminent, people could be able to pay for purchases using Amazon gift cards, which can be redeemed using the Amazon website or app.

Elon Musk Offers Own Sperm to Colonize Mars — Is It Possible?

The New York Times revealed that Elon Musk is intending to donate his own sperm to boost the colonization of Mars...

Sonic Manager Fatally Shot in Drive-Thru After Dispute With Customers Over Fake Money

A 33-year-old night manager at a Sonic restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, was tragically shot and killed during a dispute with customers over counterfeit money while working in the drive-thru...

Utah CEO and Daughter Killed in Tragic Roadway Accident with Bulldozer

The CEO of Lifetime Products and his 16-year-old daughter tragically lost their lives when a mini bulldozer fell off a tow truck and landed on their car in Ogden Canyon, Utah...

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Joe Biden Makes False Inflation Claim Again, Renewing Criticisms—Here's The Truth
US President Joe Biden makes a false inflation claim again. His remarks drew attention and received criticism on social media.
More Underage Teens Illegally Buy Knives on TikTok, Telegram as Criminals Influence Young People in Digital Way
Police are deeply concerned about the ongoing issue of underage teenagers buying knives online as the sale of weapons through social media platforms by illegal dealers is a troubling trend that contin
US Small Business Confidence Ticks Up for First Time in 2024, But Inflation Remains a Headache for Owners
US small business confidence improved in April, but inflation remains a top concern for owners, according to a new survey.
Student Loan Interest Rate Reaches Highest in Over a Decade, Education Department Reveals
The interest rate on new federal student loans for undergraduates during the upcoming 2024-25 academic year will reach its highest rate in over a decade.
SNAP Benefits 2024: Storm-Affected Residents to Receive Replacement Applications, Extended Deadline
More households in storm-affected counties can now submit replacement applications for SNAP benefits.
Walmart Is Laying off Hundreds of Employees, Asking Remote Workers to Move to Offices
Walmart is reportedly laying off hundreds of corporate employees and requesting all its remote workers to move to the company's offices.
Deadline for $976 Tax Refund for Michigan Residents Looms; Check If You Are Eligible!
Michigan residents may be eligible to receive a generous refund of $976, but the filing deadline looms. Here's what you'll need to do!
Mumbai Billboard Collapse Kills 12, Injures Dozens Following Freak Accident
Tragedy struck in India's financial capital Mumbai as a billboard collapsed during a fierce storm, resulting in the loss of twelve lives and leaving at least 60 people injured, according to officials.
Singaporean AI Expert Stresses Learning How to Properly ‘Speak’ with AI to Keep Workforce Efficient
AI Singapore’s director of innovation Laurence Liew stressed the importance of properly using AI technology in order to boost the wider adoption of the technology on all companies across multiple sect
NICB Says Kia, Hyundai Among Most Stolen Cars—Here are Other Brands in the List
NICB announced its list of the most stolen cars, with Kia and Hyundai at the top. Here are other vehicle brands commonly targeted by thieves.
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