China Eyes 'Voluntary and Flexible' Retirement Age Increase to Address Aging Population

China's Communist Party is considering a gradual and flexible increase in the retirement age to address pension system pressures caused by an aging population and declining birth rates.

Olympic Gold Medalists to Receive $50,000 Prize Money for the First Time

For the first time ever, track and field gold medalists in the Paris Olympics will receive $50,000 prize money despite resistance from critics who claimed that it would undermine the spirit of the gam..

US Online Spending Surge to $7.2 Billion, Thanks to Amazon Prime Day Frenzy

The first day of Amazon's Prime Day event in the U.S. saw $7.2 billion in online sales, surpassing expectations and marking an 11.3% increase from the previous year...

NBA Star LeBron James Partners With Canyon to Inspire New Generation of Cyclists

Canyon Bicycles announced its collaboration with NBA star LeBron James and several other riders to promote its line of bicycles and inspire the next generation of cyclists regardless of terrain and pr..

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Elon Musk, Nicole Shanahan Alleged Affair Involves a One-Night Sexual Encounter After Taking Ketamine: Report
New details on the alleged affair that Elon Musk and Nicole Shanahan both denied were recently revealed by The New York Times (NYT).
Michigan Dairy Worker Diagnosed with Bird Flu, Second US Case This Year
A second US dairy worker has been diagnosed with bird flu in Michigan, experiencing mild symptoms similar to those of a Texas worker infected in March, according to state and federal health officials.
Student Loan Forgiveness: Biden Administration Announces $7.7 Billion Relief for 160,000 Borrowers
President Joe Biden announced the cancellation of $7.7 billion in student debt for over 160,000 borrowers through income-driven repayment plans.
American Airlines Blaming 9-Year-Old Girl for Being Secretly Recorded in Aircraft Lavatory; Mother Expresses Strong Disapproval
A 9-year-old child was covertly recorded by a flight attendant in the lavatory, and American Airlines blames her.
Elvis Presley's Granddaughter Riley Keough 'Traumatized' as She Fights Sale of Iconic Graceland at Foreclosure Auction
Elvis Presley's granddaughter Riley Keough is reportedly "traumatized" by the idea of the Rock n' Roll legend's Graceland estate in Tennessee being auctioned off and sold to a "random stranger."
British Man Dies in Singapore Airlines Flight After Boeing 777 Encounters Severe Turbulence
A British man named Geoff Kitchen died aboard a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER after the plane encountered turbulence, forcing the plane to divert to Bangkok.
SF Fed Denies Biden Admin's Corporate Greedflation Theory, Claiming It's Not Main Driver of Inflation
SF Fed denied the corporate greedflation that the Biden Administration and Americans believe. Here's what the federal bank explained.
Donald Trump Campaign Plans to Sue Movie Makers of 'The Apprentice' That Shows Former President Raping Ex-Wife Ivana
The Trump campaign has declared its intention to take legal action against the creators of a recent film that portrays the presidential candidate engaging in a highly controversial act with his former
VinFast Under Federal Investigation Over VF 8 Electric Vehicle Crash in California That Killed Family of Four
VinFast is under federal investigation following a fatal crash in California involving its VF 8 electric vehicle that resulted in the deaths of a family of four.
Princess Kate's Task Force Recommends UK Businesses to Invest in Early Childhood
Princess Kate's major involvement in the Royal Foundation Business Taskforce for Early Childhood's recent report urging British businesses to invest in early childhood did not indicate a return to pub
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