Olympic Gold Medalists to Receive $50,000 Prize Money for the First Time

For the first time ever, track and field gold medalists in the Paris Olympics will receive $50,000 prize money despite resistance from critics who claimed that it would undermine the spirit of the games.

US Online Spending Surge to $7.2 Billion, Thanks to Amazon Prime Day Frenzy

The first day of Amazon's Prime Day event in the U.S. saw $7.2 billion in online sales, surpassing expectations and marking an 11.3% increase from the previous year...

NBA Star LeBron James Partners With Canyon to Inspire New Generation of Cyclists

Canyon Bicycles announced its collaboration with NBA star LeBron James and several other riders to promote its line of bicycles and inspire the next generation of cyclists regardless of terrain and pr..

Amazon’s Prime Day Is Coming up — Here’s How to Redeem a Gift Card

With Prime Day imminent, people could be able to pay for purchases using Amazon gift cards, which can be redeemed using the Amazon website or app...

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Mall of America Shooting: Minneapolis Teen Sentenced to Over 30 Years
A Minneapolis teenager, Taeshawn Adams-Wright, has been sentenced to over 30 years for the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Johntae Hudson at the Mall of America during the holiday shopping rush in 2022.
Elon Musk Surpasses French Billionaire Bernard Arnault to Become the World's Richest Person
Elon Musk has reclaimed the title of the world's richest person after surpassing the immense wealth of Bernard Arnault, the French luxury goods tycoon.
SNAP Benefits Replacement: Recipients in This State May Get Food Stamp Boost in June
After federal approval, SNAP benefits recipients in one state can now use food stamps to purchase hot food and ready-to-eat meals.
Chinese Man Arrested as Cybercrime Ringleader in US-Led Bust; Luxury Assets Confiscated
The US and its allies arrested a Chinese man accused of leading a global cybercrime network, seizing millions in assets, involved in defrauding the American government of billions of dollars during th
Royal Caribbean Passenger Fatally Jumps from World's Largest Cruise Ship
An unidentified man jumped over 80 feet from the Icon of the Seas soon after departing from Florida, prompting a swift search and rescue operation by Royal Caribbean's crew and the US Coast Guard, res
Massive Chase Bank Explosion in Youngstown, Ohio Leaves Several People Injured, 2 Missing
Terrifying explosion at a Chase Bank in downtown Ohio injures seven and leaves two missing, damaging nearby buildings and generating massive plumes of smoke.
Delayed Tax Refund 2024: Here's How to Determine Where's Your Payment, How to Claim It Faster!
Tax refund delays can stem from errors in your tax return, necessitating further reviews or corrections.
Student Loan Forgiveness 2024: Here’s Who May Have Their Debt Canceled This Year!
Student loan borrowers need to monitor their debts while the Biden administration introduces additional relief options.
US Billionaire to Take New Submersible to Titanic Wreck Despite Deadly OceanGate Tragedy
A US billionaire plans to take a new submersible to the Titanic's wreck a year after the tragic OceanGate incident.
Naked Passenger Arrested After Disrupting Virgin Australia Flight: Incident Forces Return to Perth
A naked passenger's disruptive behavior on a Virgin Australia flight prompts an emergency return to Perth, leading to his arrest.
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