Massive Fire Destroys Poland Shopping Center With 1,400 Outlets

By Madz Dizon

May 13, 2024 12:00 AM EDT

Massive Fire Destroys Poland Shopping Center With 1,400 Outlets

(Photo : JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER/AFP via Getty Images)

A huge fire erupted on Sunday morning in a sprawling shopping center in Poland. The complex was home to approximately 1,400 shops and service outlets, with a large number of vendors hailing from Vietnam.

Fire Ravages Shopping Center in Poland

According to Bloomberg, massive rows of dark smoke were visible, billowing above the expansive region. The fire department said a significant portion of the Marywilska 44 shopping complex was engulfed in flames in the Bialoleka district of Warsaw, resulting in the collapse of the roof.

According to reports, a significant portion of the expansive shopping complex was engulfed in flames, prompting the deployment of 50 firefighting teams to combat the blaze.

Around 200 firefighters, including a specialized chemical and ecological rescue group, were present at the site. Upon receiving the report of the disaster, the first responders swiftly arrived at the scene within 11 minutes.

However, by that time, the fire had already engulfed two thirds of the shopping center, resulting in its complete destruction.

There were no immediate updates on casualties or the origin of the fire, but firefighters were taken aback by how quickly the blaze spread throughout the complex, leading to suspicions of arson.

The fire brigade spokesperson informed local media that the rapid spread of the fire is an uncommon occurrence.

The fire quickly engulfed the area, possibly fueled by the presence of highly combustible materials, particularly textiles. The cause of the fire is still unknown at this time. Specialists will assess this matter.

The roof of the building crumbled under the intense heat of the fire, as disturbing footage captured the vivid orange flames consuming the entire complex, releasing a dense cloud of black smoke that filled the morning sky.

Residents were strongly advised to refrain from opening their windows or venturing outdoors, following a text message sent by authorities to the people of Warsaw, alerting them to the fire.

Investigators are working diligently to determine the cause of the significant fire, as Polish news outlets have noted the unusually rapid spread of the inferno throughout the complex.

The Marywilska 44, boasting nearly 1,400 commercial units, including a multitude of kiosks, stood as one of the largest shopping centers in Warsaw.

Many shopping centres and large shops are closed on Sundays, as a result of a trade ban implemented by the previous government, which had strong connections with the Catholic Church.

Following the recent explosion at a parcel warehouse in Cannock, Staffordshire, another unfortunate incident occurred with a fire breaking out at a shopping complex.

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Authorities Impose Evacuation Order

A large fire broke out at a warehouse of considerable size, causing smoke that could be seen up to 20 miles away. The fire services quickly ordered an immediate evacuation on Thursday morning.

Residents in the vicinity reported hearing a loud explosion around 6 a.m., likening it to the sound of a bomb detonating. A video shared on social media captured a massive cloud of dark smoke mixed with flames billowing into the air.

A fire broke out at the logistics firm Super Smart Service in the Kingswood Lakeside Employment Park. The distribution warehouse, which handles a wide range of materials for delivery, processes up to 70,000 parcels daily.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service swiftly responded to the scene of the intense fire, advising nearby residents to close their windows and businesses to evacuate.

The fire service informed Mail Online that they were alerted to the fire at 6:14 a.m., and 10 fire trucks were dispatched to the scene. There were no individuals present in the building at the time.

A major shopping center, the Cannock Orbital, was cleared out due to an emergency situation. The center houses various popular stores such as Sainsbury's, Boots, and PureGym.

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