Oil Tycoon Shot Wife to Death Before Turning Gun on Himself to Commit Suicide

An oil tycoon shot his wife to death before he turned the gun on himself to commit suicide.

Wealthy Maine Couple Accused of Tree Killing for Ocean View Faces Consequences

A wealthy Maine couple is facing legal repercussions after being accused of deliberately killing trees to obtain an enhanced ocean view, highlighting environmental damage for personal gain...

American Airlines Passenger's Lost Suitcase Found in Hollywood Homeless Encampment, Contents Missing

An American Airlines passenger was shocked to find her lost suitcase in a homeless encampment in Hollywood, California, with its contents missing, highlighting a concerning mishandling of luggage by t..

British Businessman Kills TV Star Wife Victoria Vera Blyth in Turkey Following Argument Over Text Messages

A British businessman David Thomas Blyth shot and killed his TV star wife, Victoria Vera Blyth, before taking his own life in what police describe as a murder-suicide following a reported argument ove..

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Maryland Athletic Director Uses AI-Generated Recording to Frame up Principal as Revenge Over Fraud Investigation Against Him
An ex-athletic director from a high school has been arrested for fabricating an AI-generated voice recording to falsely implicate the school's principal in making racist comments.
Businessman Who Shot His Wife to Death Thinking She Was an Intruder Gets Only 12 Years in Prison
A South African businessman was sentenced to 12 years in prison for shooting his wife to death after he mistook her for an intruder in their home.
Heavily Tattooed Job Applicant Rejected by TJ Maxx, Claims Company Unfairly Judged Her Based From Appearance
A woman claims TJ Maxx rejected her for a job because of her face, neck, and body tattoos, as well as multiple piercings.
How to Apply for Social Security Spousal Benefits; Here's How You May Boost Your Money!
Spouses with no work history or low salaries may qualify for Social Security benefits based on the job record of their retired partner.
Trans Woman Beaten to Death Outside Florida Ballet Studio
Authorities have detained a man in connection with the beating death of a transgender woman whose body was discovered near the Miami City Ballet on Tuesday morning.
[UPDATE] FTC Faces Lawsuit Over Its Noncompete Clauses Ban! Can the US Chamber of Commerce Stop It?
The FTC is now facing a lawsuit from the US Chamber of Commerce. Will this prevent FTC's noncompete clauses ban?
China Space Tourism: Tiangong Space Station Could Soon Host Tourists!
China's space tourism could soon happen as the government considers allowing the Tiangong space station to host tourists.
Illinois Woman, Who Mysteriously Drowned After Giving $1.5 Million to Online Romance Scammers, Knew She'd 'End up Dead'
An Illinois woman who mysteriously drowned to death left a letter for her daughter to tell her that she knew she would "end up dead" after losing $1.5 million to an online romance scam.
Amazon's New Facility in Johnston County Brings Over 1,000 Jobs
The facility was officially opened on Tuesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Amazon officials and local leaders.
Student Loan Forgiveness Processing for This Group of Borrowers Will Stop Next Week
The temporary suspension of student loan forgiveness is part of a larger attempt to move the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program to a new servicing platform.
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