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Indiegogo unveils 'self-propelling' stroller

The self-propelling stroller, introduced by the crowdfunder Indiegogo, is said to revolutionize the concept of a perambulator. Keeping in mind the needs of a parent, the stroller boasts of features like automatic movement controlled via sensors, built-in rocker, bottle warmer, canopies to weather different climatic conditions, to name a few. Its maker, Guillermo Morro, has also addressed all the safety concerns by assuring his audience that his highly capable team has always treated this as a top priority.

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AMD to release Polaris GPU in 2016

AMD said that it expects Polaris architecture based GPUs to begin shipments in the middle of 2016. According to the reports one version of Polaris GPU is aimed for light and thin laptops as well as entry-level desktops, while the other is designed for high performance.

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Microsoft Turning End To Lumia Era Through Lumia 650, Focusing On Surface Phone

Microsoft is probably going to bury the business with Lumia handsets and going to introduce the last smart phone by February, the Lumia 650. The Lumia 750 and 850 are still in line, but the tech giant intends to concentrate on surface phone. Burying the “Lumia” name, most likely means Microsoft has something else in mind for the near future.

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How Prime Air drones deliver, Amazon exec explains

Amazon is currently working on its Prime Air drones, which will revolutionize the concept of online shopping completely. These drones have an in-built sense-and-avoid technology that allows them to reach their destinations unharmed, and deliver online orders within an unbelievable 30 minutes.

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Robots, Automation and Artificial Intelligence to replace Human Jobs According to The World Economic Forum

With the advancement of technologies, businesses would prefer robots or artificial intelligence as workers. However, the industries would still need growing numbers of certain skilled workers.

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Venture capital dreadful at online shopping

Majority of e-Commerce startups are running below expectations. Some of them sold for a fraction of their previous valuations. Groupon, One Kings Line and were few examples that give insight of what's happening.

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Samsung Reached a Deal to Manufacture The Latest Qualcomm Processor

Samsung Electronics announced that it will produce the latest Qualcomm processor. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 will be mass produced using Samsung technology.

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Again, Hoverboard Burst into Fire while Riding on

It is possible that 2015 was simply fated to be the Year of Hoverboard. The devices were making news this year but then, they started going viral for another reason. They were highly risk for catching fire.

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Southeast Asian children 20% more digitally active than U.S children

Survey said that Southeast Asian children are 20% more active when it comes to mobile devices than U.S children, making them the most digitally engaged in the planet.

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Google And Facebook Emphasize on VR Projects, Reshuffle Executives

Google has assigned Cardboard famous Clay Bavor as the head of its virtual reality projects. Facebook has also assigned Instagram’s director of product as Head of Product management in its VR subsidiary, Oculus. The concurrent moves have been analyzed as their keenness for reigning over VR market.

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AirMule Drone Ambulance Successfully Made Its Test Flight

Israeli's Tactical Robotics Ltd. has successfully conducted another test flight for AirMule Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) last month. The drone is designed for search and rescue operation in an area which is unaccessible for helicopter.

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Amazon's Echo Smart Speakers Play Jeopardy Over Voice Commands

Amazon has recently updated its Echo Smart speaker. The added features include playing Jeopardy through voice commands. This trigger word makes the artificially intelligent in built smart speaker to respond and get engaged with question- answer phrases. The updated Echo smart speaker will be charged through docked stations instead of traditional plugging in system round the clock.

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