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Virgin Galactic unveils new space tourism rocket plane

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic venture unveiled a new passenger spacecraft on Friday, nearly 16 months after a fatal accident destroyed its sister ship during a test flight over California's Mojave Desert.

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Silicon Valley's F50 rolls out syndication platform

Silicon Valley-based private co-investment platform F50 has the launched beta version of co-investment Syndication Platform. F50 facilitates both the online and offline transactions for investors and startups. It doesn't charge a transaction fee to founders.

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Space propulsion startup Accion Systems begins taking orders

Space propulsion startup Accion Systems has announced that it would start receiving orders for micro-propulsion systems, it's selling miniature electrospray ion engines. Accion Systems has developed micro-propulsion systems for CubeSats and other small satellites.

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John McAfee Volunteers Decoding San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone

Apple and FBI want to resolve their feud over the decryption of the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter but the giant tech company turned FBI's request. John McAfee, inventor of the McAfee software, offers assistance to solve the case.

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Apple Finds Allies with Facebook and Twitter Over FBI Case

Apple found support from Facebook and Twitter that it should not be forced to help FBI in unlocking the smartphone of one of the San Bernardino mass shooting assailants, Farook. Even if Apple unlocked phones in the past for solving criminal investigations, it is still the company' best interest to protect their privacy of their customers.

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Venture capital in China soars 25% in 2015

The venture capital (VC) inflows into Chinese economy grew 25 percent in 2015. The US and China ranked at first and second slots respectively in mobilizing the venture capital funds. The VC investors are choosier and cautious in selecting the startups amid economy slowdown.

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InVisage introduces SparkP2 for IoT devices

InVisage unveiled SparkP2 for Internet of Things instruments. The SparkP2 has the potential to arrest 2-megapixel pictures and consumes less power than the traditional silicon cameras.

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Stratasys Invests in 3D-printing Startup Massivit

Stratasys, the leading player in the 3-D printing and additive manufacturing industry, has extended its investment arm towards the promising start-up, Massivit. The start-up is just the kind of venture Stratasys likes to support, with disruptive technologies like their proprietary Gel Dispensing Printing and the 1800 3D printer which produces 3D printed sculptures.

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Hoverbike: A New Era in Aeronautics

The invention of Hoverbike, which is essentially half helicopter, half motorcycle, could be a game-changer in the field of aeronautics. Its prototypes are already being considered for future transportation and battle use.

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NetApp to Layoff 15,000 Employees Due to Lower Than Expected Performance

On Wednesday, the data storage specialist NetApp reported its revenue at a lower than expectation. The company suffered a low demand of its product and will cut 12% of its employees.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 Information Leaked Ahead of February 21 Schedule

Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 were set to be introduced on February 21. However, both the device’s details have been leaked on the internet, revealing most of the phone’s highlighted features. Both the 2016 flagship device will have a fingerprint scanner, along with other innovations.

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Samsung Ventures into Smart Shoes As Well, Targeting On Fitness And Golf

Salted Venture, one of Samsung start-up companies, has developed a smart shoe aiming to be used for fitness and golf. The shoe features an advanced technology that will provide users with data, which is very useful for their sport activities.

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The Reason Behind Google's $1 Billion Investment in SpaceX Last Year

Google made a big investment last year to SpaceX, as a mean to help the company build space-based internet communication system. Meanwhile, SpaceX is scheduled to launched by February 24.

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Swiss Researchers Developed a Software That Could Enable Drones to Search for Lost Hikers

Switzerland receives about 1000 emergency calls from hikers every year. In order to create a technology that could give a faster response and search more effectively for lost or injured hikers, a group of researchers developed a software with a combination of Artificial Intelligence. The software enable drones to autonomously navigate forest areas and direct themselves to hiking trails.

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Apple Replacement of MacBook USB Charging Cables Caused By Design Issue

Apple is replacing the Macbook USB charging cables, especially on a number of devices that were released before June 2005. These old charging cables are said to have design issues that make the laptop unable to charge appropriately.

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