Step Into Tomorrow: How Beasen Home Is Redefining Windows With Smart Blinds

By David Thompson

Oct 17, 2023 11:58 AM EDT

Beasen Home(Beasen Home) (Credit: Getty Image)

Beasen Home is jumping to the forefront of the smart home industry by effectively redefining windows with the implementation of their revolutionary take on smart blinds. The driving factor that genuinely sets Beasen Home apart from other companies in the market is their commitment to providing the best user-friendly, accessible technology that simplifies life while promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. By prioritizing their relationships with its customers and constantly catering to their needs, Beasen Home steadily built its brand on a rock-solid foundation of trust. The company is steadfast in its devotion to creating a connected and intelligent home experience for all.

Founded in 2010, Beasen Home was created to develop the best, most convenient smart blinds possible. Over a decade, they gained the experience allowing them to patiently refine their products over time and create the elegant, robust smart blinds they currently offer. With its state-of-the-art technology, Beasen Home eliminated cords and wires to end tripping hazards and the danger of children or pets getting entangled. Next, they simplified control functions, allowing users the ability to control as many as fifteen sets of blinds with just one remote. 

In addition to their products' performance, the innovators at Beasen Home developed motors that connect to the customer's favorite smart hub devices for voice control, automation, app control, and more. Their app-controlled blinds and shades allow users to adjust the sunlight entering through the windows, saving homeowners on heating and A/C power consumption.

By providing the latest cutting-edge smart blinds technology, the innovative minds at Beasen Home became pioneers in the smart blinds industry. They offer the most advanced automated window coverings on the market, granting residents numerous options to enhance comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience. 

The proof of their dedication is perfectly-reflected by their outstanding and unparalleled customer satisfaction rate. Beasen Home is proud to boast a customer satisfaction rate of a whopping 95%, which is remarkably complimented by a minuscule return rate of under 0.5%. Their customers genuinely appreciate that Beasen Home is dedicated to sustainability, using only low-carbon, eco-friendly materials certified by OEKO-TEX100, UL, RoHS, and UL Greenguard. Their commitment to sustainability only builds the foundation of trust with their customers.

Attaining their current position of trust among customers for providing the most significant innovations in smart blind technology was challenging. The road to market dominance was flooded with intense market competition, supply chain issues, technological advancements, and market education. Beasen Home overcame these challenges by employing methods, including proactive strategic planning, ongoing research and development, and perhaps most significantly, continuous improvement in customer support. 

Through nonstop efforts and dedication to adaptability, Beasen Home successfully addressed all hurdles, leaving them poised to continue thriving in the smart blinds market. Utilizing their experiences, the company continues prioritizing customer-centricity, adaptability, innovation, teamwork, continuous improvement, risk management, and communication to bring the latest and greatest smart blind technology customers can genuinely trust.

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