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Google DeepMind Unveils Upgraded Gemini-Powered Robot in Mountain View Office

Google DeepMind revealed that the company's Mountain View office now features a versatile robot, upgraded with the latest Gemini large language model

Amazon to Discontinue Its Astro for Business Security Robot

Amazon has announced it will discontinue its Astro for Business security robot and shift its focus back to household robots...

Joe Biden Administration Allocates $504 Million to Scale Up 12 Technology Hubs in US

The administration of President Joe Biden has announced the awarding of $504 million in funding for 12 technology hubs in the US...

Samsung Electronics Workers to Stage Three-Day Strike Next Week

Samsung Electronics workers in South Korea will hold a strike from July 8 to 10, according to union officials...

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ChatGPT’s Major Update Will Let Chatbot Remember Every User Details Provided
OpenAI launched the Memory feature, which allows ChatGPT to retain inquiries, prompts, and other settings permanently.
Nokia to Launch 4G Network in Moon for Future Lunar Missions
Nokia plans to launch a groundbreaking 4G network to the moon this year to establish reliable communication beyond Earth.
Beijing Offers Subsidies for Companies That Buy Local AI Chips as China Cuts Reliance on Foreign Technology
Beijing city officials are providing subsidies for businesses that buy artificial intelligence (AI) chips made in China.
Unleashing the Power of AI: Discussing the Impact of AI-Based Business Strategies with Ashwaq AlMudhaf
Running a successful business is like riding a rollercoaster. There are so many variables to take care of that make doing business a wild ride. That's why thriving in the business world means adapting
Facebook, Instagram Parent Company Meta Shares Tumble Amid Continued Push Into AI Development
Wall Street was alarmed by Meta's aggressive drive into AI development, despite the technology company's first-quarter earnings and revenues increasing 27% to $36.46 billion
Elon Musk's SpaceX Working With Northrop Grumman on Secret Spy Satellite Project for US Intelligence: Report
Elon Musk's SpaceX has reportedly partnered with Northrop Grumman on a secret spy satellite project.
Micron Technology Set to Receive $6.1 Billion CHIPS Grant From Biden Administration
The Biden administration has agreed to pay $6.1 billion in government funding for Micron Technology to produce advanced memory computer chips in New York and Idaho.
Apple Experiences 10% Decline in iPhone Shipments as Android Rivals Gain Steam
Apple has faced a significant setback in its iPhone shipments, experiencing a larger-than-projected 10% decline in the March quarter.
Apple Sends Out Threat Alerts, Warns iPhone Users in 92 Countries About Mercenary Spyware Attacks
Apple has alerted iPhone users in 92 countries that they may have been a target of mercenary spyware attacks.
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