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The world’s first true hoverboard is now available to pre-order for $20K

An aerospace company Arca Space Corporation has unveiled a hoverboard than can actually fly. The hoverboard, called ArcaBoard, is a rectangle fan-powered board that can lift a person off the ground by almost a foot.

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Humanoid robot

Human infants help teach robot infants, with help from UW Robotics Team

A team at the University of Washington has published a study showing that it seems possible for robots to learn tasks and goals by watching and imitating human actions.

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Technology startups

Japan's aroma sensing developer, Aroma Bit, hired two influential advisors

Japanese startup aroma sensor developer Aroma Bit has appointed Batara Eto and Atsushi Tanaka as its advisors.

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Ernst & Young

Global merger and acquisition deals are dominated by Internet of Things - EY

The latest review by EY reveals that as far as mergers and acquisitions are concerned, the 3rd Quarter of 2015 was dominated by deals involving the Internet of Things. Each of the deal averaging USD1.2 billion in value.

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People ride their bikes past Google Inc. headquarters

Vintage Electric comes out with its more efficient and powerful e-bike, the 2016 Tracker

Vintage Electric just released an update to their old E-Tracker e-bike, giving some powerful upgrades to the battery and motor as well as some updates to their 1990's style design.

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Polo Ralph Lauren

Futuristic Smart Mirror is Now in Ralph Lauren's Dressing Room

Ralph Lauren clothing store in Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York is now equipped with smart dressing room. The dressing room designed by Oak, a tech startup company to enhance customer experience.

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Virtual Reality

Samsung launches Gear VR, a peek into virtual reality world

Tech-oriented companies are in a race of adding spice to their ideas of introducing different gadgets. Playing 2D and 3D games are common nowadays, but the actual feeling of being present in a virtual world is somewhat more interesting.

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Nvidia launches Jetson TX1 for AI powered devices

The GPU-centric company Nvidia announced a new developer module called Jetson TX1 with an emphasis on machine learning to equip boards, drones, robotics, and other devices. The piece of machine learning hardware is described to be the size of a credit card.

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HTC releases Virtual Reality headset, but would take 3-5 years to take off

HTC Vive will release its virtual reality headset later this year, but only in limited qualities and it will take three to five years before it goes mainstream.

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Deploying A$16 million of shark-detecting technology in South Wales, Australia will keep predators at bay

It seems like technology came too late for Martin Brody from the movie Jaws. The government of New South Wales, Australia spent big on advanced technology that can detect sharks to keep beachgoers safe this summer.

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Mike Aldred

Dyson's robot vacuum gets an exclusive release in Japan for $1,200

After nearly 16 years in the making, Dyson's robot vacuum cleaner is finally getting a release date in Japan with a price tag of ¥149,040 or USD1,200.

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Rony Abovitz

Magic Leap releases new video on its augmented reality technology

Augmented reality company Magic Leap has always been tight-lipped on the advanced technology it has been cooking in the lab, but on October 20 it released a teaser video on just how incredibly unbelievable its capabilities are.

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Adidas to open an automated shoe factory in Germany and the United States

Adidas will open Speedfactory in Germany and in the U.S. The Speedfactory will boost the manufacturing process of Adidas shoes through the automated technology. The two factories will be fully integrated by the year 2020.

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Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft announces latest update and HoloLens tour

Microsoft announces that the company will start its US tour for the HoloLens starting this October. The HoloLens which was first introduced to the audience back in January this year saw users will have the ability to incorporate hologram with the real world unlike the virtual reality program.

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Nike seeks to enable shoppers to 3D print shoes at home

How would you like your pair of sneakers made? Sure you can now have your trainers tailored according to color or design of your choice. But have you ever thought of having your shoes printed, either in store or at home?

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