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Google DeepMind Unveils Upgraded Gemini-Powered Robot in Mountain View Office

Google DeepMind revealed that the company's Mountain View office now features a versatile robot, upgraded with the latest Gemini large language model

Amazon to Discontinue Its Astro for Business Security Robot

Amazon has announced it will discontinue its Astro for Business security robot and shift its focus back to household robots...

Joe Biden Administration Allocates $504 Million to Scale Up 12 Technology Hubs in US

The administration of President Joe Biden has announced the awarding of $504 million in funding for 12 technology hubs in the US...

Samsung Electronics Workers to Stage Three-Day Strike Next Week

Samsung Electronics workers in South Korea will hold a strike from July 8 to 10, according to union officials...

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Navigating the Stress Monitoring Market: How MoNoA Stands Out
From the pressures of work deadlines to the demands of personal relationships, stress can manifest in various forms and impact our physical and mental well-being. However, despite its prevalence, unde
Apple AI: iPhone, ChatGPT Makers Seek $1 Billion Funding to Build New Artificial Intelligence Hardware
Makers of ChatGPT and iPhone are reportedly seeking funds to create a personal device that would integrate the two.
SpaceX’s Starlink Deployment Deal in Ukraine Valued at Around $23 Million: Report
The Pentagon has just disclosed that the contract to install Elon Musk's Starlink terminals in Ukraine is valued at $23 million.
South Korea to Invest Nearly $7 Billion in AI to Maintain Semiconductor Chips Dominance
South Korea's President Yoon Suk Yeol said the government will invest 9.4 trillion won ($6.94 billion) in artificial intelligence (AI) by 2027 in a bid to maintain its global dominance in semiconducto
Dutch Government Set to Comply With US Demands on Chip Exports to China
The Dutch government is reportedly set to comply with the US demand to tighten restrictions on semiconductor-related exports to China.
Spire Global Partners With Nvidia to Enhance Weather Forecasts Using AI
Space-to-cloud data and analytics company Spire Global has partnered with Nvidia to improve weather predictions using AI.
Apple AI-Powered Home Robots Reportedly in The Works After Tech Giant Kills Electric Car Project
Apple's home devices group is reportedly developing a mobile robot and an advanced tabletop device with a moving display, both powered by robotics.
Malaysia Is Becoming a Hotspot for Semiconductor Firms Amid US-China Chip Wars
Malaysia is increasingly attracting semiconductor factories amid escalating tensions between the US and China.
NASA Picks 3 Companies to Develop New Artemis Moon Rover Designs
NASA has awarded contracts to Intuitive Machines, Lunar Outpost, and Venturi Astrolab to develop a new rover for Artemis astronauts that will conduct scientific research on the moon
Microsoft, OpenAI to Build $100 Billion New Data Center for ‘Stargate’ AI Supercomputer: Report
Microsoft and OpenAI are collaborating on an ambitious project to establish a new cutting-edge data center and an AI supercomputer called "Stargate."
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