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Hoverboard fire resistant carry bag: promises fewer fires

There are chances that your hoverboard might catch fire. But there is a solution that eases your mind with specially designed carry bag called Hovervault that prevents the potential fire flames from spreading.

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Apple Quarterly Earnings Buoyed By Strong iPhone Sales

Apple is Developing Wireless Charging for Its Devices To Be Released in 2017

Apple has been showing interests in developing wireless charging technology since they released the first iPhone. Their ambitions have been closer to reality and we could expect to see the new technology to be a key feature in Apple's devices as soon as next year.

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Leahy Delays Markup of Patent Bill Companies Oppose

Apple Patents Smaller Camera Modules For iPhones And iPads

Lesser light falls on the small smart-phone image censor and thus the image quality appears better in larger cameras. But smart-phone industry is in the trend for getting slimmer. Apple has recently been awarded with a patent that is capable of providing better image quality through small, spherical curved lenses. The patented imaging gears are suitable for iPhones and iPads.

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Google Has Way To Unclog Drone-Filled Skies Like It Did The Web

SkyBender: Google’s Secret Drone Project in New Mexico Using 5G Internet With a Cost of $300,000

Google has been reported to conduct secret tests over drones under codename of SkyBender at Spaceport America in New Mexico. The tech giant is using 5G wireless that involves millimeter wave technology which is considered as the future of high speed data transmission technology. Though the test results have been kept secret, but the $300,000 tests bring fortune for Virgin Galactic Spaceflights, reportedly suffering from cash crunch.

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Microsoft Corp.'s First Flagship Store Outside North America Opens In Australia

Surface Sales Goes Up Increasing Microsoft Earnings, But Not The Windows Phone

Microsoft incomes have increased thanks to the rising Surface sales, as well as the cloud and server growth. They are the main contributors to the higher overall revenue. However, Microsoft Windows and phones are not in the same luck as their performances are still declining.

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CPS Confirms Hoverboards Are Illegal To Ride On The Pavement And The Road

MTA bans hoverboard

The MTA has banned hoverboards from the New York City transit system for safety reasons. According to the latest rules, riders will not be allowed to bring the two-wheeled motorized devices on buses, subway platforms and trains

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Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2016

Drone Racing is Soon to be a Legitimate Sports Game

The Drone Racing League already announce its first season that would take place in Miami this year. The league will involve only skilled pilots to compete in its six courses of races. The league hopes that they could be as big as NASCAR, Formula 1, or MotoGP.

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Apple Unveils iPhone 6

Apple Believed to Introduce iPhone 5SE March

This new model is believed to be a cheaper and smaller version to the current iPhone 6 generations. Some physical features would follow the iPhone 6 generations, but the size would be similar to iPhone 5 generations. iPhone 5SE could be an alternative for people who would like the latest features but prefer smaller devices.

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Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2016

More than 250,000 drone users registered

Over 250,000 drone owners registered their remote-controlled aircraft during the first month of the aviation agency's online registration system. The fresh set of rules came out after pilots complained about the drones flying near them.

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Inside The 2015 E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo

Survey Revealed VR Has Become More Attractive to Game Developers

Virtual Reality has started to attract more developers. Game Developers Conference revealed a survey showing that more game developers are working on VR prior to the event next March.

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Several people using their mobile phones

Walkie-Talkie Voice Messaging App Roger Lands $1M Led by Social Capital

Roger's walkie-talkie style voice messaging app that launched in 2015 gets a financial backing of $1 million from Social Capital. The new feature was created by ex-Spotify employees, Ricardo Vice Santos and Andreas Blixt, who have done complete justice to the phrase 'selling old wine in new bottle'. In the current scenario where voice messaging is no longer a novelty, Roger hopes to tap the market outside Asia where people are still stuck with texting, and win them with its simple, three-button structure.

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Inside The E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo Conference

PC Atari Collection To Be Released This Year Includes Tempest And Asteroids, Bringing Back Classic Games In Modern Era

Atari will release a new Atari game collection, which consists of 100 re-imagined classic games. The Atari Vault will also include the iconic titles, such as Tempest and Asteroids. The launch is expected to be done in Spring this year. There are some upgrades and new features added in the games that will make fans feel the classic experience in this modern time.

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3D VR Image Rendered By Google Cardboard Sets A Milestone In The History of Cardiac Surgery

Teegan, a baby girl has born in August with a half heart and single lung in a Minnesota hospital. The baby has showed strength of her life through remaining alive after 2 months diminishing doctors’ predictions which prompted her parents to contact Dr Remond Burke, chief of cardiovascular surgery at the Miami hospital. He and a team of 30 doctors and nurses have conducted a 7 hour long surgery through 3D image generated by Google Cardboard. The baby is safe after four weeks and now hopes to go home after next two weeks.

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Apple Unveils New Versions Of iPhone 6, Apple TV

Apple Rumor : Apple's New Special Edition 4-Inch iPhone To Be Called "iPhone 5se"

Apple is rumored to launch a new hybrid iPhone called iPhone 5se and new Apple Watch models.

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Reaper Aircraft Flies Without Pilot From Creech AFB

Numbers of Crashing Air Force Drones mysteriously Increase, Pentagon keeps Silent

A number of Air Force drones crashed in major accidents, even involving the Reaper, the Air Force newest and most advanced drone. Pentagon is keeping quiet on the cause behind the drone crashes.

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