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PC Atari Collection To Be Released This Year Includes Tempest And Asteroids, Bringing Back Classic Games In Modern Era

Atari will release a new Atari game collection, which consists of 100 re-imagined classic games. The Atari Vault will also include the iconic titles, such as Tempest and Asteroids. The launch is expected to be done in Spring this year. There are some upgrades and new features added in the games that will make fans feel the classic experience in this modern time.

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3D VR Image Rendered By Google Cardboard Sets A Milestone In The History of Cardiac Surgery

Teegan, a baby girl has born in August with a half heart and single lung in a Minnesota hospital. The baby has showed strength of her life through remaining alive after 2 months diminishing doctors’ predictions which prompted her parents to contact Dr Remond Burke, chief of cardiovascular surgery at the Miami hospital. He and a team of 30 doctors and nurses have conducted a 7 hour long surgery through 3D image generated by Google Cardboard. The baby is safe after four weeks and now hopes to go home after next two weeks.

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Apple Rumor : Apple's New Special Edition 4-Inch iPhone To Be Called "iPhone 5se"

Apple is rumored to launch a new hybrid iPhone called iPhone 5se and new Apple Watch models.

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Numbers of Crashing Air Force Drones mysteriously Increase, Pentagon keeps Silent

A number of Air Force drones crashed in major accidents, even involving the Reaper, the Air Force newest and most advanced drone. Pentagon is keeping quiet on the cause behind the drone crashes.

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Google Reportedly Pays $1 Billion for Apple to Keep Its Search Bar on iOS Devices

In an Oracle court proceedings against Google, it was revealed that the search engine company could be paying Apple at least $1 billion in revenue-shares. The payment was made to keep Google's search bar on Apple devices. A source named the sharing percentage for Apple to be 34 percent, but it's yet to be officially confirmed nor denied.

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Dish could face $24 billion in fine, higher than the company current valuation

Dish is accused of making more than 55 million telemarketing calls and telemarketing robocalls to landlines and mobile number based on a complaint receive by the Department of Justice dated as far as 2008.

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Norwegian's Megakopter Drone Set World Record of Lifting Heavy Cargo

A group of students in University of Oslo set a Guinness World Record by lifting a 134.5 pounds (61 kg) payloads with drone. The drone is a multi copter drone made of eight drones chained together.

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Facebook releases Sports Stadium for the big gamers chatters

Facebook has come out with yet another special feature, this time, exclusively for the sports fans. Its Sports Stadium will be a virtual hub for millions of sports fanatics to get together and post photos/videos, like them, look at a dashboard full of stats and, most importantly, chat about the games, all the while getting access to expert commentary by celebrities and their teams. Currently, this space has only been rolled out for iOS in the US.

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Apple releases iOS 9.2.1 that fixes a bug after three years it was discovered

Apple just released iOS 9.2.1 that fixes an iOS bug allowing malicious agents to impersonate end users' identities by granting the read and write access to website cookies.

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FAROS Quadcopter Fights Fire In Sky Scrappers Defying Chimney Effects

KAIST, a Korean science and technology institute has developed the Fireproof Aerial RObot System (FAROS). FAROS is a sort of drone capable of locating humans’ position trapped inside a sky scrapper through its inbuilt thermal imaging camera. The research team, that invents fire fighting drone, has demonstrated the feasibility of the localization system and wall-climbing mechanism in a smoky indoor environment.

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Oculus Founder Faces Lawsuit Over Breach of Nondisclosure Agreement

Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus Rift company have to stand in court in a lawsuit against him. The plaintiff is Total Recall Technologies that accused the 23-year old to use its data illegally.

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Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector, Introduced By Sony, Hits Market During Mid February

Sony has unveiled the portable ultra short throw projector first in the IFA Show during September last year. The product is going to be released in the Japan market on February 13 and will be available for around ¥93,000 ($798). Reason for enthusiasm about the tiny projector is that the device is capable of beaming image on wall from very short distance.

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Motorola Hits Market With Moto G3, The Most Budget Conscious Smart Phone

Motorola has unveiled its Moto G3 smart phone in July 2015 and now released in the market. The concept for making budget conscious smart phones has been attracted by other mobile giants including its mother concern, Lenovo. Lenovo expects to grab the budget phone market shortly with its self developed similar products.

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Amazon introduces Dash Replenishment Program on devices

Amazon introduced the Dash Replenishment service on selected devices. The devices powered by Amazon Dash Replenishment program could enable customers to order everyday fundamentals automatically from Amazon.

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Microsoft To Offer Voluntary Replacement of AC Power Cable For Surface Pro Tablets

The AC power cables linked to Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets of selective three generations pose fire risks due to overheating. Though a limited number of overheating issues have been reported, Microsoft is taking no risks and going to recall for a global voluntary replacement. Details on replacement procedure will be furnished in the Microsoft website sometimes later this week, possibly on Friday.

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