Air AI: The AI Sales Agent You've Been Waiting For

By David Thompson

Nov 22, 2023 02:07 AM EST

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If your company has a sales team, imagine a world where you never have to recruit another sales rep ever again, but you could have 100,000 sales reps at the tap of a button. A world where you never have to train, manage, or motivate your reps, but they instead work 24/7/365.

A world where you never hear another complaint about lead quality but instead dial endlessly without a single excuse. A world where you have one of the best sales forces on the planet, but you never have to pay them a dime of commission. In fact, imagine your sales force costing less every single year.

That's what Air AI makes possible, and that's why over 100,000 businesses have signed up to use it. Air AI is the world's most advanced conversational AI that handles the entire job of both sales and customer service reps. It can perform 5-40 minute calls over the phone that sound just like a human but with infinite memory and perfect recall for a fraction of the cost of a human.

This technology is still in its early stages, but with a team even more capable than the pioneering teams of Apple and Google, these systems will soon be impossible to differentiate from a human, perfectly replicating the complex dance of human communication. It will be so real you can hear its breath over the phone.

But that's just the beginning. Air is on pace to surpass even the most psychologically talented sales representatives in the world, reaching superhuman levels of persuasion.

Presently, these systems are taking over entry-level SDR roles, but it won't be long before they replace senior sales and customer service positions. They will expertly manage the most lengthy and intricate sales and customer service cycles.

There's $5 trillion spent annually on the sales and customer service labor market, and the moment this technology reaches its tipping point, that entire workforce will be disrupted. Never before in history have we seen a labor market of this magnitude completely replaced.

However, for Air, this is just the beginning. For them, sales & customer service is nothing more than a playground to train even more powerful AI models. There's more high-quality data to train in this market than nearly any other in the world. This is some of the highest-quality data in the world for creating truly human-like AI systems. And because with sales & customer service, there's a clear reward function to train models based on it, it allows engineers and researchers at Air AI to create models that far surpass human performance.

What AlphaZero did with chess (building AI models that can beat the best humans in the world), Air is doing with human communication. They are essentially using millions (and soon billions) of hours of real conversations to train models that understand us as humans better than we understand ourselves.

For business owners, Air is a dream come true—the ability to have a world-class sales & customer service team at the tap of a button for a fraction of the cost of a human will change businesses as we know it and dramatically increase the global GDP.

For engineers and researchers, Air is a playground consisting of unlimited data, the most talented people in the world, and a culture of intense innovation driven by Steve Jobs & Elon Musk-like founders where only A-players survive.

But for sales and customer service reps, Air is a harsh wake-up call to the realities of tomorrow, where they will have to find new ways to adapt.

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