Theresa May

Research on Higher Education and Bill

As the far-reaching higher education and research bill reaches the house of Lords further ammendments are needed to ensure it succeeds its aims.

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UK Trade Deal With India Hit A Snag

Great Britain's trade deal with India is on a snag as Prime Minister Theresa May travels to India.

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Britain's Opposition Accused Government Planned to Cut Border Protection Budget

Labour Party said the government plan to cut budget for border force. Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham urged government to disclose the budget plan.

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UK Mulls To Pass The Most Draconian Surveillance Laws of Any Democracy

The UK Home Secretary has placed a draft bill allowing the law enforcers to bulk collection of internet traffic. The civil rights bodies have protested the bill accusing it to stand against individual privacy. However, the home secretary expects, through passing the bill, UK will be the first country enacting the most draconian surveillance laws.

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U.K. unveils new bill that will allow internet surveillance by the government

Britain has unveiled new surveillance law plans that will allow the police and security services to access the records of internet activity of everyone in the country without any judicial check. The new surveillance powers aimed to keep the country safe.

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