Apple’s Ad-Blocking Plans May Hurt Journalism’s Financial Viability, UK Newspaper Groups Warn

Many British media groups wrote to Apple, expressing that its planned "web eraser" tool may threaten journalism's financial viability.

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Vice Media to Lay Off 'Several Hundred' Employees, Shut Down

Vice Media Group CEO Bruce Dixon informed employees in a memo sent out on Thursday that the company plans to lay off several hundred employees.

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Germany Has Legal Standing To Charge Facebook €500,000 For Each Fake News Post

Germany could fine Facebook €500,000 for each fake news post.

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CNN Heroes

The CNN Heroes event will now take place. This is the time wherein we recognize all the good things that some people did for other people.

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Donald Trump Answers Out To News That Clinton Will Participate in Wisconsin Vote Recount

The Clinton campaign has met with lawyers, data scientists and analysts to assess anomalies in the results that would suggest a hacked result. Private meetings with outside experts involved sharing both groups concerns about the data and findings.

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Facebook To Restrict Some News Stories In China

Facebook will hold and make some news stories censored in China.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 News And Update: To Be Released In New Glossy Black Color Versus The Shiny Jet Black iPhone 7 "

Samsung prepares to have something that will match Apple's iPhone 7.

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Jennifer Lawrence News And Update: Got Amazed By Director Boyfriend Darren Aronofsky Seeing Him As A 'Visionary'

Jennifer Lawrence is publicly proud to say that her director boyfriend Darren Aronofsky is a visionary and she loves it.

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Selena Gomez Update And News: Lady Gaga And Other Stars Express Support After Selena's Controversial AMA Speech

Selena Gomez gained enormous support from co-stars during the last AMA's for the year 2016.

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Facebook Unveils Plan Against Fake News; Public Calls It Too Late And Too Vague

Facebooks plan againts fake news was tagged as late and vague by the public. CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks.

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Paris Hilton News, Updates And Rumours: Reveals She Voted For Trump

Paris Hilton voted for Trump.

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Healthcare, Technology And Communications Tops Monday Sectors

Just like the past week, the shares of Healthcare companies outperform other sector by 2.2% as of midday Monday.

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Technology Sectors Lead; Stock Is At High Despite Corporate News Deluge

Behind corporate bad reports, technology still in the industry as leading sector.

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Al Jazeera to Cut 500 Jobs Worldwide as Qatar Continues to Suffer From Slumping Oil Prices

Qatari media network Al Jazeera is announcing its plan to cut 50 jobs as a part of an optimization initiative. As a partly state-funded company, Al Jazeera is impacted by the slump in oil prices, which is the country’s main sector.

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Old Mutual Reportedly Planning to Split Into Several Units, The Company Stated It's Considering All Options

Giant South Africa-based international banking group Old Mutual has stated that they are considering all options as a result of a strategic review. Many believe that the group is planning to split itself into several business units.

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