New Trainees Begin Training Programs

German Job Rate Increased Near EU Record Due to Female Workforce

Reports show that 73 percent women were joining the workforce in 2014, compared to 63 percent in 2005. The rise has also pulled the overall employment rates up for Germany at 78 percent. German's employment rate is growing faster than any other EU country, although the record remains to be held by Sweden.

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Eurozone Leaders Reach Agreement After Talks Over A Third Bailout For Greece

Greece Bailout: Central Bank Shows Support to Implement Bailout Reforms

The government of Greece has been faced with a controversy whether to approve bailout reforms required by international creditors. Bank of Greece have shown support that encourages the government to conform with the required reforms, including the tough pension system reform.

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Factory worker

German Industrial Production down 1.1%

German industrial production went down 1.1 percent month-on-month for the third quarter. According to Bloomberg Business, Berlin Economy Ministry reported the decline Friday, while economists expected a 0.5 percent increase. Germany has been struggling with the Chinese economic slowdown. The country is also grappling with the economic slowdown in other emerging countries where it exports most of its products.

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Second interest rate cut for Norway

Falling oil price is taking its toll in Norway as the country central bank cuts interest rate again for the second times this year and the third time in 10 months. Oeystein Olsen, Norway's Central Bank governor announced the rate cut on Thursday citing that slow economic growth as the main reason.

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David Cameron (R)

Brexit is the highlight for EU-UK talks

The newly-elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn warns supporters that "Brexit" could become a reality as early as next year. Corbyn, who is currently against the move for Britain to exit EU said that the talk between EU-UK in Brussels right now will determine the future of the country.

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European Central Bank

At near zero inflation, ECB may expand QE program

European Central Bank may expand quantitative easing program as the inflation is hovering at near zero level of 01. percent for August. ECB Vice-President also indicated that QE program may be widened further.

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Greece Votes "Yes" on Reforms to Possibly Receive Bailout

Greece surrendered to Europe's demands, approved austerity measures to possibly receive a bailout and finally "Grexit" out of the Euro.

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Greece-Russia relationship

Russia offers energy pipelines to Greece - a very expensive lifeline, skeptics say

Russia's offer to support Greece wouldn't be a surprise considering the close ties between these two countries. However, some experts have an interesting view of the impending scenario.

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Auto Glass Factory

U.S. factory activity edges up in February: Markit

The U.S. manufacturing sector expanded in February at its fastest rate since November, after notching its lowest reading in a year in the prior month, an industry report showed on Friday.

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International Monetary Fund

IMF: Growth outlook weakened for Eurozone and Japan after October WEO

In a paper “Global Prospects and Policy Challenges” published ahead of the G20 Summit to be held on 15-16 November, the International Monetary Fund said that growth indicators have weakened in Eurozone and Japan after the release of the October World Economic Outlook (WEO).

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US Flag

There is still compelling case to invest in the US- FT

Although many believe that the US has started to lose its power and influence because of stagnating economy, a Financial Times report believes that compelling evidence abounds that refute this claim.

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Irish Flag and Euro Currency Symbol

Borrowing costs for Eurozone's crisis-hit countries fall

Borrowing costs for the Eurozone countries that experienced the brunt of the crisis dropped after a high demand from investors for 10-year bonds offered by the Irish government, the Financial Times reported.

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German Elections

The main protagonists in the latest German elections

Germany's new leaders after its recent elections would reflect the future of not only the country but of the EU as well.

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US stock exchange

Global rise in demand confirms that growth is climbing, but not for emerging economies - analysts

Analysts said that though economies in Euro Zone and China were experiencing significant growth spikes in their economies, emerging economies of India, Italy and France are not faring well.

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