Walmart handling employees

5 Ways on how Walmart is handling their employees.

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Tech Company 373K Decides to Move From Georgia Due to "Anti-Gay" Bill

Tech company 373K decided to move from Georgia due to religious freedom bill that would allow anti-gay discrimination. After reaching the decision to move through voting, the company is now in the process in moving to Delaware.

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107 Yahoo Employees Received Layoff Notice As Part of The Planned 1,500 Job Cuts

Yahoo’s planned restructuring plan had started on Wednesday, whereas 107 employees had received a written notice that after 60 days they would have to leave the office. That would be the first batch of what is expected to be a much bigger job cuts of 1,500 employees or 15 percent of the company’s workforce.

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Making The Great “Goodbye, Job” a Better “Hello, Opportunities”

Whatever your reason on why you have to leave your current job doesn't matter. It's about your response. When doing a work exit, most employees are usually overwhelmed in the situation they are in. May your reason be a dreadful working environment, tyrannical hierarchy, or a new, greener field you are excited to be yourself in, you have to remember that leaving is not just all about you-- it is for every person in the room as well.

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The nice ones will be rewarded - in business

"Good guys finish last" is a common saying, but is not necessarily true when it comes to handling business, or so as others would like to believe. To some, a firm hand and a cold resolve would make for a fine CEO, whether that CEO is a man or a woman. However, kindness is beneficial to the businesses' customers and employees.

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Starting salaries for US workers to surge in 2016 - studies

Recent prediction reveals that starting salaries of professional roles could have a 4.1% increase next year. The 2016 Salary Guides from Robert Half shows that among the five fields tracked the expected salary for professional roles could increase on average by that rate in 2016, with the technology sector to gain higher pay grades in its 5.3% expected increase base pay.

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Brokerages face exodus as advisers get better deal in indie firms

The four biggest U.S. brokerage firms are facing an exodus of employees who are finding they can make more money and save on taxes by taking their clients and starting an independent firm before they retire.

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AXA Private Equity spins off from AXA

In a move to provide a tax gain as well as capital gain, AXA spins off AXA PE, ceding majority control to an employee ownership group.

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Lufthansa to modify pension plan for employees by year's end

Lufthansa had decided to scrap the current pension plan to a plan that is tied to investment returns of the fund.

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Moelis Plans U$35 Million in Payouts to Staff, Investors

Moelis & Co decided to pay US$35 million to its investors and employees that held a stake in the firm.

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Rona Inc Cuts Back Further

Rona Inc, in a bid to be more competitive, is further cutting back on overheads and salaries.

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Wal-Mart Opening Retirement Fund for Bidding to Managers

Wal-Mart, with nearly 1.2 million strong retirement fund members, is accepting bids to manage its US$15.6 billion 401k program.

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