Donald Trumpm's Vote

According to a study during the presidential election, Donald Trump had got his high votes from area which are mostly affected by drugs and alcohol abuse.

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The Booming Cannabis Entrepreneurship

Marijuana entrepreneurship is almost in every parts of the world, legal or illegal, for leisure or for medical purposes. Others see it as helpful but others see it as deadly. Pot is hot and the booming business seems to be unstoppable as other states began to legalize it.

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India Drug Company Cipla Has Government Approval to Receive Foreign Investment from FIL Capital

One of India’s biggest drug maker, Cipla, has received the government’s approval allowing the company to carry out an investment agreement formed last year with Mauritius-based FIL Capital Investments. Cipla is one of the 10 companies which had their clearance while the government also rejected 5 other foreign investment proposals.

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Experts Say The U.S. Opioid Overdose Epidemic Could Be Due To Racial Stereotypes

The growing rate of opioid overdose epidemic could be caused by the racial stereotypes according to experts. Because of the stereotype, doctors tend to be more strict to black patients in giving opioid prescription to ease pain than to white patients. It then leads to the drug addictions among more white Americans.

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El Chapo Shirt: Shirt Sales Rise as Mexican Drug Lord gets Recaptured

The store who designed and manufactured the shirt keeps getting surge of orders. El Chapo, the drug lord captured last Friday, was shown wearing that shirt on a photograph with actor Sean Penn.

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El Chapo Recaptured with 2,500 agents involved

Cartel kingpin El Chapo was recaptured on Friday, after his second escape from Mexico's top-security prison through a tunnel. The operation involves Mexican marine, aids from U.S authorities, as well as numbers of informants that adds up to more than 2,500 security and intellectual agents.

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Pfizer increases its drugs prices including Lyrica and Viagra

Pfizer today confirmed that the company has increased the price of some of its drugs although it was not revealed how many drugs are involved with the price hike. According to a data by Wolters Kluwer which revealed that more than 100 types of drugs has been increased in its price starting on January 1st.

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Plant-based vaccines challenge big pharma for $3 billion flu market

Two tiny companies are preparing to challenge some of the world's largest drug makers in the battle for dominance in the $3 billion global market for influenza vaccines, armed with little more than tiny tobacco plants.

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Vivus Inc signs erectile dysfunction drug deal worth Eur95 million

Vivus Inc signed an impotence drug deal with Italy's Menarini Group for Eur95 million.

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Anacor receives loan to fund new drug campaign

Anacor received a $45 million loan from Hercules Technology Growth, divided into three tranches.

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Portola Pharmaceuticals to List IPO

An IPO is to be made of shares of Portola Pharmaceuticals expecting a return of US$150 million.

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Elan Offers Profit Return to Shareholders

Elan profits from Tysabri sale offered to shareholders.

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