Fiat agrees to purchase VEBA stake in Chrysler Group for $4.35B

Italian automaker Fiat SpA has agreed to buy the remaining stake of Chrysler Group held by the United Auto Workers retiree healthcare trust, paving the way for both carmakers to finally merge.

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Ford chairman invests in US parking app QuickPay

Ford chairman Bill Ford, Jr. invested in San Francisco-based startup QuickPay through his venture firm Fontinalis Partners to help improve on-street and off-street parking experience.

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Alfa Romeo seen halting overhaul due to pending Fiat-Chrysler merger

As the process to close the Fiat-Chrysler merger ongoing, automotive news site Autocar observed that Fiat had stopped its development plans on its Alfa Romeo vehicle series.

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Chrysler makes changes to IPO registration statement

Chrysler amended some of the statements it made for its initial public offering filing.

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VEBA pegs Chrysler stake at USD3.6 billion

VEBA Trust pegs shareholdings at USD3.6 billion.

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Marchionne: IPO not the best way to invest in Chrysler

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne had discouraged investors in a conference last week to participate in the upcoming debut of Chrysler Group, said a Reuters report.

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Fiat-Chrysler Merger far from fruition according to CEO

Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne are far from reaching a settlement on the pricing conflict as to the health care trust fund's shareholdings.

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Chrysler files for IPO, compelled by UAW trust

On Monday, Chrysler Group LLC filed for an initial public offering after being compelled by United Auto Workers, the company's minority shareholder.

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Chrysler ready to file for IPO this week- report

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne told the Financial Times that Chrysler would be ready to file for an IPO this week.

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Trial for Fiat's fight over Chrysler to start by 2015

According to a Delaware judge, ample time would be needed prior to the start of the trial for the Fiat-Chrysler deal.

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Delaware judge rejects Fiat’s request to put price on Chrysler shares

Fiat failed to persuade a Delaware judge to put prices on some Chrysler shares, resulting to a delay in its planned merger.

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Fiat's Option on VEBA's shares in Chrysler under review

Fiat's options to purchase VEBA shares is in dispute as to the valuation of the shares.

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Fiat Set to Earn More from Chrysler

Fiat is going to earn more from Chrysler this year.

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Fiat Technically Can Buyout IPO Shares in Chrysler Owned by VEBA

Fiat SpA can technically head off the Chrysler IPO through a buyout according to its CEO Sergio Marchionne.

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Chrysler Jeep Seeking Partner for Return to China

Chrysler Jeep is looking for a Chinese partner for the manufacture of the vehicle in China.

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