Former New York State Pension Fund Manager, Two Brokers Involved In Bribery Scheme

A former portfolio manager at New York State Common Retirement Fund and two brokers were charged with securities fraud after being involved in a bribery scheme that started early in 2014.

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Embraer Ought $205M For SEC Bribery Probe

After several conducted investigation, Embraer was found liable of $205M for bribery.

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Bo Xilai's conviction moves many to form political party

Bo Xilai's political supporters have formed a political party named Zhi Xhian Party where Bo Xilai was named as 'chairman for life'.

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Embraer under investigation by US and Brazilian authorities

Embraer under fire for corruption charges in the Dominican Republic.

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Foreign drugmakers unfairly targeted in China bribery probe- European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China said there was unfair treatment to foreign firms in the China bribery probe.

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First GSK, now China focuses investigations on Sanofi

Xinhua reported that French drugmaker Sanofi had become the focus of bribery investigations by Chinese authorities.

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Xinhua warns more foreign pharmaceutical firms could be investigated

China's official news outlet said that more foreign pharmaceutical firms in the country could face the possibility of getting investigated for corruption.

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China's Commerce Ministry confident probe on drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline won't mar investor confidence

China remains confident that the ongoing investigations for alleged bribery of GSK execs in its China division won't mar investor confidence.

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Wal-mart votes Cash as new Lead Director

Amidst the investigation against several top officials, Wal-Mart's board votes for James Cash as new Lead Director.

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