AU, NZ Evacuate Nationals as Unrest in New Caledonia Continues
The foreign ministries of Australia and New Zealand have announced that it would be evacuating its nationals in New Caledonia as riots spark across the island regarding independence and nickel mining.
Fueling Success: 3Point Oil and Gas Company Acquiring Long-Life, Stable Production
While others chase after quick profits and engage in the perilous and risky proposition of promoting and wildcatting, there are others who rely on acquiring steady production through acquisitions. One
Partner with Biotechnology's Oncovir to Build a Healthier Future for All
Biotechnology is at the forefront of scientific innovation and holds immense promise for addressing some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare and beyond. With breakthrough therapies and innov
Top US Natural Gas Producer Chesapeake Energy Starts Laying Off Employees After Its Divestment of Eagle Ford Assets
Chesapeake Energy, a leading natural gas producer in the United States, has started laying off employees this week.
Game-Changing Solutions: iSportz Modernizes Sports Management, Engagement, and Entertainment
Whether it is professionals or little 4-year-olds kicking soccer balls down a field, sports have everything: action, excitement, drama, and most importantly, FUN; unfortunately, the current management
The Flossing Dilemma Solved: Instafloss' Innovative Approach
When it comes to taking care of our teeth, there's a huge difference between what we know we should do and what we actually do, especially when it comes to flossing. It's that one thing dentists remin
Healwell AI Announces Record Quarterly Revenue, Expands Strategic Alliances
Healwell AI Inc. has announced its interim consolidated financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2024. The company reported a jump in quarterly revenue from continuing operations to $4.
Donald Trump Campaign Plans to Sue Movie Makers of 'The Apprentice' That Shows Former President Raping Ex-Wife Ivana
The Trump campaign has declared its intention to take legal action against the creators of a recent film that portrays the presidential candidate engaging in a highly controversial act with his former
FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg Resigns After Scathing Toxic Workplace Investigation, Sexual Harassment Allegations
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) Chairman Martin Gruenberg announced on Monday his intention to step down once a successor is found for the banking regulator.
Trump Media and Technology Group, Truth Social's Parent Company, Lost Over $300 Million, First Earning Report Reveals
In its first quarter since going public, Trump Media & Technology Group, the company that owns Truth Social, reported a concerning loss and revenue of less than $1 million.
Princess Kate's Task Force Recommends UK Businesses to Invest in Early Childhood
Princess Kate's major involvement in the Royal Foundation Business Taskforce for Early Childhood's recent report urging British businesses to invest in early childhood did not indicate a return to pub
VinFast Under Federal Investigation Over VF 8 Electric Vehicle Crash in California That Killed Family of Four
VinFast is under federal investigation following a fatal crash in California involving its VF 8 electric vehicle that resulted in the deaths of a family of four.
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Preparing to Retire Sooner Than Expected, Striking Key Change in Plans
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon suggested that he may resign as the leader of the country's biggest lender earlier than expected.
Whistleblower Claims GlaxoSmithKline Lied to FDA, Federal Government About Zantac Safety Claims
A whistleblower has come out with allegations that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) deceived the public about the safety of Zantac, a popular heartburn medicine.
Stock Trader Ivan F. Boesky Dies at 87—Here's What To Know About the Man Inspiring 'Wall Street' Villain Gordon Gekko
American stock trader Ivan F. Boesky, the man who inspired "Wall Street" villain Gordon Gekko, dies at 87.
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