Ryanair Reports 34% Increase in Net Profit
Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair said that their net profit rose to $2.09 billion or 34%, making it its best-ever financial performance.
Uber, Lyft Agree on Minimum Wage Standards for Drivers in Minnesota, Legislators Announce
Minnesota lawmakers announced that the state has negotiated a minimum wage deal with Uber and Lyft.
Bruce Nordstrom, Who Helped Turn His Family-Run Company Into One of US Largest Apparel Retailers, Dies at 90
American billionaire Bruce Nordstrom, the former chairman of Nordstrom's department store chain, has died at the age of 90.
Bank of Japan Announces 11-Year High in 10-year Government Bond Yield
The 10-year Japanese Government Bond (JGB) rose to its highest level in 11 years since a similar rating was recorded back in 2013.
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Is 'Embarrassed' Over Company's Threat to Revoke Equity if Exiting Employees Refuse to Sign NDA
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has been embarrassed by the company's policy of threatening to revoke vested equity from exiting employees who refused to sign a non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreement.
Disneyland Actors, Performers in California Vote to Join Labor Union: ‘A Landslide Victory'
The Actors' Equity Association announced that 1,700 Disneyland Resort cast members voted to unionize.
Donald Trump Attacks Joe Biden's Handling of Inflation After President Cited Snickers Bars as Example of 'Shrinkflation'
Former President Donald Trump has once again criticized President Joe Biden's handling of inflation, pointing to the shrinking size of Snickers bars as an example of his rival's economic mismanagement
McDonald's Adds New 'Grandma McFlurry' to Its Dessert Menu for Limited Time
McDonald's is introducing a new limited-time dessert called the "Grandma McFlurry" to honor and celebrate grandmothers.
Blue Origin's New Shepard Rocket Flies Humans Again After 2022 Mishap
Blue Origin launched its first human spaceflight in two years after an uncrewed flight in 2022 forced the company to postpone its human spaceflights.
UK to Put Up Office in San Francisco to Address AI Risks
The UK is intensifying its efforts to assess and address AI risks by opening a new office in San Francisco.
US Regulators Considering Slashing Proposed Capital Hike for Big Banks: Report
The Federal Reserve and two other US regulators are reportedly considering a new plan to reduce a nearly 20% mandated increase in capital for the country's largest banks.
China Sanctions Boeing, Two US Defense Contractors for Taiwan Arm Sales
Amidst Taiwan's presidential inauguration, the Chinese government made a significant move by imposing sanctions on Boeing and two other defense companies.
William Lai Sworn In as Taiwan's New President
William Lai Ching-te has been sworn in as Taiwan’s new president, replacing Tsai Ing-wen after her eight-year tenure.
Dublin-NYC ‘Portal’ Limits Visible Hours After Flashing, Indecent Incidents
The Dublin-New York Portal created by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys has been reopened in limited hours after incidents of indecent incidents.
Update: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Confirmed Dead After Heavy Landing During Helicopter Crash With Other Officials
President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister have lost their lives in a devastating helicopter crash.
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