Dublin-NYC ‘Portal’ Limits Visible Hours After Flashing, Indecent Incidents
The Dublin-New York Portal created by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys has been reopened in limited hours after incidents of indecent incidents.
Update: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Confirmed Dead After Heavy Landing During Helicopter Crash With Other Officials
President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister have lost their lives in a devastating helicopter crash.
SNAP Benefis 2024: Washington Unveils SUN Bucks Program: 500,000+ Children to Receive Summer Food Aid
Washington's SUN Bucks program, an extension of SNAP benefits, will provide $120 in food assistance to over 500,000 children during the summer months.
Social Security Income Payments to Jump by $60 Monthly in 2025 Amid Persistent Inflation
Social Security recipients are projected to receive an additional $60 per month in 2025, with benefits rising by approximately 3.2 percent due to persistent inflation, according to new estimates.
Earned Income Tax Credit Eligibility: Why You May Not Qualify and Steps to Become Eligible
Overcoming common barriers such as income limits and filing status can enable individuals to qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
Student Loan Forgiveness Deadline Extended by Biden Administration; Here's What You Should Know!
The Biden administration has extended a vital deadline for student loan borrowers seeking debt relief, pushing the deadline for loan consolidation to June 30.
AI Could Lead to Human Job Loss, Warns AI 'Godfather' Geoffrey Hinton
"AI Godfather" Geoffrey Hinton advocates for universal basic income to address job displacement caused by AI advancements and the need for global regulations to ensure ethical AI use.
South Korea's Financial Watchdog Discusses Corporate Reform in New York
South Korea's financial regulator assured investors in New York of the government's dedication to corporate reform.
Elon Musks Arrives In Indonesia To Launch Starlink; Commercial Rollout Expected After Trials
Elon Musk recently arrived in Bali to inaugurate the Starlink satellite internet service, aiming to provide reliable internet access to Indonesia's remote areas.
Gas Prices Are Predicted to Increase This Summer, With an Average of $3.70 per Gallon
Gas prices are expected to rise by about $0.10 per gallon this summer due to decreased refinery capacity and higher refining costs, with the average price projected to be around $3.70 per gallon.
Joe Biden Billionaire Megadonor Faces Being Ousted From Own Tech Company Over 'Concerns’ About His Conduct
Joe Kiani, a billionaire and prominent megadonor to President Joe Biden, is facing being ousted as chairman of Masimo, the medical device company he founded.
Elon Musk Kills Twitter Site as He Confirms Domain Transition to Is Now Complete
Elon Musk has completed the rebranding of Twitter, the social media platform he owns, as its website name or URL officially changes to
Stellantis Appoints New Leaders for Ram and Dodge Brands as Tim Kuniskis Steps Down After 32 Years
Tim Kuniskis, who has been with Stellantis for nearly 32 years and is CEO of the Ram and Dodge brands, announced his retirement on Friday.
Bankrupt Crypto Lender Genesis Global to Return $3 Billion to Customers
Genesis Global, a bankrupt crypto lending firm, has been allowed by a court to return approximately $3 billion in cash and cryptocurrency to its customers.
Canada Explores Raising Tariffs on Chinese EVs Following US Move Against China: Report
Canada is reportedly exploring raising tariffs on Chinese-produced electric vehicles (EVs) following the US decision to impose higher levies on these imports.
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