Scarlett Johansson Accuses OpenAI of Using Her Voice Without Permission; Actress Says She's Shocked, Angered When Heard ChatGPT's Immitation
Scarlett Johansson has alleged that OpenAI used her voice for one of the voice assistants in ChatGPT without her consent, despite her explicit denial of permission.
US Senate Accuses BMW of Buying Car Components From Banned Chinese Supplier; Volkswagen, Jaguar Allegedly Involved As Well
The US Senate accuses BMW and other automakers of buying car components from a banned Chinese supplier. Here's what officials shared.
Ex-Home Depot CEO Slams Bidenomics, Claiming Joe Biden's Policy Missteps Could Create Wrecking Ball for Next US President
Ex-Home Depot CEO bashed Bidenomics. He claimed that Joe Biden's policy missteps could create a "wrecking ball" for the next U.S. president.
iPhones in China Are Being Sold for $360 Less so Apple Can Compete With Chinese Smartphones
Apple is aggressively discounting select iPhone models in China, offering up to a $360 price reduction on its official Tmall site. It aims to compete with local rivals like Huawei, which is under pres
Volkswagen Door Flaw Leads to Mass Recall; US NHTSA Says Over 50,000 EVs Affected
Volkswagen's door flaw concerns the U.S. NHTSA. Because of this, over 50,000 EVs are estimated to be affected by the mass recall.
Saudia Group Orders 105 Airbus Jets in Record $19 Billion Deal
Saudia Group has placed a historic order for 105 Airbus narrow-body aircraft, valued at $19 billion. Deliveries will start in 2026 and conclude in 2032.
Red Lobster Goes Bankrupt After $20 Unlimited Shrimp Offer Backfires
Red Lobster has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing high operational costs and an unprofitable unlimited shrimp promotion. It plans to transfer control to its lenders with $100 million
Elon Musk's Neuralink Seeks Second Person to Test Brain Chip After US FDA Gives Green Light
The US Food and Drug Administration granted Elon Musk's Neuralink permission to implant its brain chip in a second person, approving the company's suggested solutions for an issue that arose in the fi
AstraZeneca Announces $1.5 Billion Cancer Drug Manufacturing Plant in Singapore
AstraZeneca will build a $1.5 billion manufacturing facility in Singapore to produce antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and targeted cancer therapies. This will be the company's first end-to-end ADC prod
Google and Meta Spend Big to Block New York Child Data Protection and SAFE Acts
Meta and Google are leading a lobbying effort to block New York legislation aimed at online child safety, arguing the bills would stifle free speech and infringe on privacy, with the campaign's spendi
Google to Spend $1.1 Billion in Finnish Data Centre for AI Expansion
Google is investing an additional €1 billion ($1.1 billion) to expand its data center campus in Finland, using the region's renewable energy to drive AI growth in Europe.
Tesla Offers Unofficial Discounts to European Leasing Companies Amid Price Cut Fallout
Tesla is making efforts to address concerns raised by European leasing companies due to multiple retail price cuts and delays in service.
Germany’s Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank Assets Seized by Russian Court Over Gas Facility Contsruction Dispute
Two German banks in Russia had their assets seized by the court over a Baltic Sea gas project construction issue.
China Restricts Import, Export Activities to Select US Firms: Commerce Ministry
China restricts certain US corporations' investments, imports, and exports, including weapons sales to Taiwan.
Ryanair Reports 34% Increase in Net Profit
Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair said that their net profit rose to $2.09 billion or 34%, making it its best-ever financial performance.
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