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Google DeepMind Unveils Upgraded Gemini-Powered Robot in Mountain View Office

Google DeepMind revealed that the company's Mountain View office now features a versatile robot, upgraded with the latest Gemini large language model

Amazon to Discontinue Its Astro for Business Security Robot

Amazon has announced it will discontinue its Astro for Business security robot and shift its focus back to household robots...

Joe Biden Administration Allocates $504 Million to Scale Up 12 Technology Hubs in US

The administration of President Joe Biden has announced the awarding of $504 million in funding for 12 technology hubs in the US...

Samsung Electronics Workers to Stage Three-Day Strike Next Week

Samsung Electronics workers in South Korea will hold a strike from July 8 to 10, according to union officials...

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Boeing Prepares for June 1 Launch Attempt of Starliner
Boeing makes another attempt to launch its its Starliner spacecraft en route to the International Space Station, carrying two NASA astronauts and a crucial replacement for the ISS’s urine processor pu
China to Impose Export Bans on Some Aerospace Equipment, Citing National Security Concerns
Chinese authorities announced that they will restrict aviation and aerospace component and technology exports starting in July.
Walmart Customers Report Being Overcharged at Self-Checkout Machines
Walmart revealed that its self-checkout machines have overcharged its customers with an average of 1.88% of all the total amount of items, with around 80% of those affected already being reimbursed.
Elon Musk’s Neuralink Reportedly Plans to Recruit 3 Participants for Long-Term Study
Elon Musk's brain-chip company Neuralink aims to test the implant on three people over several years.
US-China Tech Rivalry Intensifies: Chinese Expert Predicts Rapid Catch-Up in Supercomputing
A Chinese expert predicts that despite current technological disparities and US efforts to curb its progress, China will soon catch up to American chipmakers in the race to build the world's most powe
Virgin Galactic, AST SpaceMobile, Rocket Lab Stocks Skyrocket — Here's Why
The shares of Virgin Galactic, AST SpaceMobile, and Rocket Lab have skyrocketed after the Memorial Day long weekend.
Japan Launches Robots to Clean Up Destroyed Fukushima Nuclear Plant
Japanese company TEPCO will employ a remote-controlled robot to retrieve melted fuel debris from Fukushima Daiichi's damaged reactors, the first step in addressing the aftermath of the 2011 nuclear di
T-Mobile Purchases US Cellular Operations, Expands 5G Coverage
T-Mobile is acquiring US Cellular’s wireless operations and spectrum assets for $4.4 billion, enhancing its network coverage and capacity while consolidating the industry.
Elon Musk Plans to Build xAI Supercomputer Dubbed 'Gigafactory of Compute'
Elon Musk is reportedly planning to launch a supercomputer for his artificial intelligence company, xAI.
Elon Musk Reveals Plans for Supercomputer with 100,000 GPUs to Enhance Grok Chatbot
Elon Musk's startup xAI plans to build a supercomputer by fall 2025, using tens of thousands of NVIDIA H100 GPUs at a cost of billions, to power a significantly smarter iteration of its Grok chatbot.
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