President Joe Biden Cancels Another $7.4 Billion in Student Loan Debt for Over 270,000 Americans - Find Out If You Qualify!

US President Joe Biden has made a significant announcement, revealing his decision to cancel $7.4 billion in student loan debt for over 277,000 individuals.

Pressure Mounts on President Joe Biden to Ban China-Made Electric Vehicles in the US

A member of the Senate Banking Committee has made a forceful plea to President Joe Biden, urging him to take action against Chinese automakers and prevent their vehicles from entering the US auto mark..

New York's Legal Marijuana Industry Hits New High, Reaches Over 100 Licensed Shops Across Empire State

New York cannabis regulators are celebrating a significant milestone for reaching over 100 licensed stores across the state...

Russia Destroys Ukraine's Largest Power Plant After Launching Widespread Attacks on Energy Grid

A devastating series of Russia's overnight strikes has left the Trypilska thermal power plant in ruins, dealing a severe blow to Ukraine...

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Escalating Violence in Red Sea Raises Threatens Asia's Economic Growth
Projections indicate an up to a 0.5% reduction in economic growth and a 0.4% increase in inflation rates due to disrupted supply chains, especially impacting Southeast Asian nations reliant on exports
South Korea Regulator May Sanction Meta Over Facebook and Instagram Marketplaces: Report
Meta might be penalized by South Korea's antitrust office for allegedly failing to protect local consumers on its Facebook and Instagram marketplaces against fraudulent transactions.
Tire Maker Goodyear to Shut Down Manufacturing Plant in Malaysia
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co, one of the leading tire manufacturers globally, is closing its manufacturing plant in Malaysia.
Tesco Delays Pay Rise for a Month, Angering Employees
Tesco employees have expressed frustration on a month-long delay in a promised pay raise.
Hong Kong to Host CoinDesk Consensus as It Bids to Become a Crypto Hub
CoinDesk will hold a consensus in Hong Kong, showcasing the region's progress as a digital asset hub despite regulatory lag in certain areas.
Texas' Largest Wildfire Caused by Power Line Ignition, Authorities Confirm
Xcel Energy admitted that its power lines ignited the Smokehouse Creek fire in the Texas Panhandle but denied negligence in infrastructure maintenance and operation.
UK Rail Regulator Allows Grand Union Trains to Open a London-Scotland Route
Grand Union will receive approval to operate trains from London to Stirling by 2025, increasing passenger options as the government aims for more competition in the rail sector.
Meta And Snapchat Deny Limiting Palestinian Content Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict
Reports from journalists and social media users allege that social media firms like Meta shadowbans Palestinian content, suppressing fair reporting on the ground.
China's Exports and Imports for First 2 Months Beat Expectations
China's import and export growth in January and February exceeded expectations.
Russia-North Korea Partnership: What Kind of Weapons Technology Is Moscow Sending to Pyongyang?
Experts said Russia has a range of military technologies that it could offer to North Korea in exchange for weapons to sustain its war in Ukraine.
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