Saudi Arabia Shifts To Bond To Financial, Entertainment and Real Estate Sectors

Among the countries who are known to have a good performance in the world market, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may top the list. However, it faces some issues on its investments and world trade recently.

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Brexit Tightens Belt More for Regulation-Weary Traders

Brexit made it more strit in its action to regulate traders across the world. However, the effect is still uncertain.

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Latest Update on 'Pokemon Go': Of New Regions & Nest Migrations

Pokemon Go has many changes brough by its maker Niantic. However, are these changes will make the players happy or on a frown?

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Cities & Regions Embraces New VAT Rules

The European Commision has been alarmed with rising problems on fraud and fragmentation. Realizing the need to relax VAT rules, they made an action upon it.

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PM Lee of Singapore visits Australia to strengthen regional ties

The prime minister of Singapore spent a three-day visit in Australia. The two countries had a trade agreement. Its purpose it to strengthen its ties in economy and in defense.

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New Jersey Train Services Resumes After Crash

After an incident of overspeeding when a train travelling more than twice the speed limit crashed killing a woman and injured more than a hundred passengers less than two weeks ago, the rail service at a New Jersey transit station resumed, Monday.

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Putin, Erdogan Supports Gas Pipeline

The two statesmen had signed the agreement on the said "Turkish Stream" project. The project is about building a gas pipeile from the Black Sea to Turkey. This will be then distributed to European Union nations.

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2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Commences; Chumba, Kiplagat Aims to Defend Titles

Men and Women came to join again the said marathon to defend their titles and to be the best of the best.

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Nova Sells Chinese Factories to Kuka

Nova LifeStyle, Inc., the leading furniture entity in China is selling its shares to Kuka for some unecpected reasons, behind China's economy. More so, this transfer will somehow make the Nova products alive and still available for selling.

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NoMa Apartments Opts to Offer Swedish Lifestyle

Washington will have a Swedish taste of infrastracture called Resa. Kanska USA Commercial Development, the Swedish real estate developer will be the one to build it.

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WowBox Lifestyle Wows Almost 5M Users

WoxBox users has increased to 5 million users. The youth has been fond of it because of its extra-ordinary features. The app has become the most used app in Bangladesh.

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US Weapons-Gade Plutonium Deal Posponed by Russia

Russia had to suspend its treaty and arrangement with US Weapons-Gade Plutonium Dea. This is due to some illegal breaches made by US, Russia claimed.

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Voters Rejects Farc Peace Deal During Columbia Referendum

In Columbia, the president and the farc laeder signed a deal. But the result of the vote shocked the president because it revealed that many opposed to the said agreement.

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U.S. Talks with Russia to Stop Bloodshed in Syria

Upholding diplomacy, US starts peace talks with Russia over Syria Attacks.

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Jacob Hall Dies at SC School Shooting, Called by His Mom a Hero

The mother of the 6-year old boy was in grief for losing such a hero in her life. Raena Hall narrated that his boy was very mature of his age. He has the ability to comfort her in bad times. The chid was shot in his school playground.

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