Elderly Man Dead After Group of ‘Drunk’ Youngsters Attacked Him in Broad Daylight for Money

A senior citizen in India has succumbed to injuries after being brutally attacked for money by a group of youngsters.

Italy Arrests Russian Businessman Accused of Helping Son of Putin Ally Escape From House Arrest

Italian authorities have arrested a Russian businessman accused of assisting the son of a Putin ally in escaping house arrest in Italy...

Germany Urges China to Make 'Serious' Move on Issue of EV Tariffs

Germany is urging China to take decisive steps regarding tariffs on imported electric vehicles (EVs)...

Starbucks, Coca-Cola Seek Trademark Renewal in Russia

Coca-Cola and Starbucks have sought to re-register their trademarks in Russia to protect their intellectual property rights...

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Facebook, Instagram Face EU Probe Over Suspicions of Failing to Impose Child Protection Policies
The European Union is investigating Facebook and Instagram under concerns of insufficient child protection measures, with Meta facing scrutiny regarding compliance with digital regulations, particular
Garuda Indonesia's Boeing 747 Makes Emergency Landing Due to Engine Fire
An engine of Garuda Indonesia Flight 1105, a Boeing 747-400 carrying Muslim pilgrims to Mecca, caught fire during takeoff in Makassar airport, forcing the pilot to return to the runway in an emergency
DOJ Arrests Three in Massive Identity Theft Scheme Funding North Korean Government, Targeting Thousands of American Professionals
The Justice Department reveals arrests in a complex North Korean identity theft operation, with thousands of IT workers using stolen American identities to secure lucrative jobs abroad, resulting in s
FDA Approves Amgen Drug for Most Deadly Form of Lung Cancer
Amgen's treatment for patients with the most deadly form of lung cancer has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday.
President Joe Biden Hails 'Major Step' in Reclassifying Marijuana as Lower-Risk
The Biden administration has made a significant move towards reclassifying marijuana as a drug with lower risks, according to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.
Volaris Fined $300,000 by US Transportation Department Over Tarmac Delays
Volaris has been fined $300,000 by the US Transportation Department for leaving international flight passengers stranded on tarmacs for four hours or more.
China's Nio Unveils First Car of New Brand 'Onvo' That'll Be About $4,000 Cheaper Than Tesla's Best-Selling Model Y
China's EV maker Nio has introduced the first vehicle from its new budget brand, Onvo, to compete with Tesla's best-selling Model Y car.
Visa to Change Credit, Debit Card Operations in US
Visa has implemented sweeping changes on how its credit and debit cards are used in the United States through the introduction of a single physical card that could be connected to multiple bank accoun
Russia's Vladimir Putin Visits China's Xi Jinping to Strengthen Economic, Political Ties Amid US Global Dominance
Russia's President Vladimir Putin arrived in Beijing on Thursday for a two-day state visit that will include talks with China's President Xi Jinping to deepen the strategic partnership between the two
Barge Hits Bridge in Galveston, Texas Causing Partial Collapse, Oil Spill
A barge collided with a causeway in Galveston, Texas, breaking a portion of the bridge and spilling oil into the water but resulting in no casualties.
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