US Luxury Travel Firms Report Inadequate Interest in the Upcoming Paris Olympics

Luxury travel companies in the US are reporting low Paris Olympics ticket sales so far.

Amazon and Vrio to Challenge Starlink with Satellite Internet Launch in South America by 2025

Amazon and Vrio plan to deploy 3,236 low Earth orbit satellites to provide broadband internet to South American countries, directly competing with Elon Musk's Starlink...

[UPDATE] Chinese EV Shares Jump Following EU’s New Import Tariffs

Most Chinese EV manufacturers' stock prices rose on Thursday morning after the EU proposed 38% higher tariffs...

US Sanctions Several Firms in Hong Kong, UAE for Involvement in Russian Gold Trade

The US has imposed sanctions on several companies based in Hong Kong and the UAE for involvement in the trade of gold produced by a sanctioned Russian miner...

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US-China Tech Rivalry Intensifies: Chinese Expert Predicts Rapid Catch-Up in Supercomputing
A Chinese expert predicts that despite current technological disparities and US efforts to curb its progress, China will soon catch up to American chipmakers in the race to build the world's most powe
Brand-New F-35 Crashes into New Mexico Hillside, Pilot Injured After Ejecting
A brand-new Lockheed Martin F-35B crashed into a hillside near the Albuquerque International Sunport, while the pilot was conscious after ejecting but sustained serious injuries when located by emerge
North Korea Drops Hundreds of Balloons Filled With Trash, Manure Into South Korean Border
North Korea has escalated tensions with South Korea by sending balloons carrying what they call "filth and garbage" across the border.
Gaza Humanitarian Pier Damaged by Rough Seas, Set for Repairs
The US-constructed temporary pier in Gaza, crucial for delivering humanitarian aid to Palestinians, sustained damage from rough seas and weather, prompting its removal for repairs
Russia Set to Raise Taxes on Wealthy, Big Corporations to Fund Ukraine War
The finance ministry of Russia has proposed implementing new tax rates for high-income earners and specific industries starting in 2025.
US Eases Some Financial Restrictions on Cuba to Boost Small Businesses on the Communist-Run Island
The US Treasury Department announced on Tuesday new regulations designed to support Cuba's growing private sector and enhance the country's access to US internet services.
North Korea's Second Spy Satellite Launch Ends in Catastrophe: Mid-air Explosion Shatters Pyongyang's Ambitions
North Korea's attempt to launch a second spy satellite ended disastrously as it exploded mid-air, dealing a blow to Pyongyang's ambitions for satellite surveillance.
Worst Bird Flu Hits US as Iowa Egg Farm Prompted to Kill 4.2 Million Chickens
Iowa has announced its first bird flu outbreak, discovered at a 4.2 million-chicken commercial egg-laying business in Sioux County.
Russian Firms Turn to Cryptocurrency for Cross-Border Transactions with China Amid Sanctions
Russian firms increasingly use cryptocurrencies, such as Tether's USDT stablecoin, for cross-border transactions with Chinese partners to circumvent financial difficulties stemming from international
Western Companies Are Finding It Hard to Leave Russia Amid Increasing Kremlin-Imposed Exit Costs
Despite initial pledges to exit Russia following the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, many Western companies, including Avon Products, Air Liquide, and Reckitt, remain in the country.
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