Microsoft President Claims Few AI Deepfakes Target EU Elections, But Says They Shouldn't Declare Victory Yet

By Giuliano De Leon

Jun 03, 2024 04:29 PM EDT

Microsoft President Brad Smith said that only a few AI deepfakes are targeting the European Union elections. However, he clarified that the EU shouldn't celebrate this as a victory yet.

Microsoft President Claims Few AI Deepfakes Target EU Elections

According to Reuters' latest report, Brad Smith said that Microsoft hasn't seen significant use of AI in the European Parliamentary elections. He explained that they haven't seen much use of AI to create disinformation campaigns in the region.

He said this while in Stockholm to announce their plan to invest over $3 billion to expand Sweden's cloud and artificial intelligence infrastructure over two years.

The Microsoft president said they need to recognize the risks of AI since it can create abusive content, especially deepfakes. However, Smith clarified that the EU shouldn't be celebrating too soon.

"They are not over yet, so we should not declare victory," he explained.

This is why the software giant has been trying to train candidates for the EU to monitor the appearance of AI deepfakes in the European region.

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EU To Investigate Microsoft Bing

Politico recently reported that the EU is planning to investigate Microsoft's Bing. The probe would check how the giant tech firm's Bing limits AI-related threats.

Among the threats that they'll investigate are the spread of deepfakes and fake information. Officials shared their plan after the European Commission said it suspects Microsoft's Bing of possibly breaching the bloc's content-moderation law: the Digital Services Act.

EU executives said that Microsoft might have failed to respect the region's requirements to assess and limit AI risks. As of this writing, a formal investigation has not been opened yet.

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