China Accuses UK Intelligence of Recruiting Chinese Couple as Spies

By Madz Dizon

Jun 04, 2024 04:33 AM EDT

China Accuses UK Intelligence of Recruiting Chinese Couple as Spies
The Chinese flag representing the vehicle transporting the Chinese President is parked in the grounds of The Elysee Presidential Palace during his official state visit, in Paris on May 6, 2024.
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China has leveled accusations against the UK's intelligence agency for allegedly recruiting a Chinese couple as spies. 

This accusation is part of an ongoing exchange of allegations between Beijing as well as the West in recent months.

China Accuses the UK of Recruiting Chinese Couple as MI6 Operatives

As per the Ministry of State Security, the two individuals from the Chinese government were recruited by MI6 operatives who took advantage of the man's strong financial motivation.

China's Ministry of State Security claimed that Wang was recruited while he was studying in Britain in 2015. Acocrding to the ministry, Wang managed to persuade his partner, Zhou, to become a British spy.

The allegations surface several weeks following the UK's indictment of two individuals for espionage on behalf of China,The Sun reported.

The individuals were charged with providing "articles, notes, documents or information" to a foreign country, while China has dismissed the accusations as "baseless defamation".

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China Keeps Details Confidential on Ex-Marine's Alleged Espionage Aid

Authorities in the UK have reported the unfortunate demise of a former Royal Marine who was charged with aiding the Hong Kong intelligence service.

According to BBC, China did not disclose the details of how it discovered the case involving Wang and Zhou, stating that it followed a comprehensive investigation.

The case is currently being investigated and Chinese officials have not disclosed whether the couple will face charges. The BBC reached out to the UK government for a response, but they declined to comment on claims regarding intelligence matters.

Chong Ja-Ian, a scholar at Carnegie China, points out that the reasons behind Beijing's decision to publicize this case remain unclear. 

Publicizing the case may be seen as a potential act of retaliation, although it is worth noting that Beijing has previously detained individuals on charges of espionage.

According to Dr. Chong, it is challenging to determine the accuracy of Beijing's claims without additional information.

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