Shein Files for US IPO as Chinese-Founded Fashion Giant Seeks to Expand Global Reach

Chinese-founded fast-fashion giant Shein has confidentially filed for an initial public offering (IPO) in the United States (US).

Alibaba Co-Founder Jack Ma, the Chinese Tech's Poster Boy, Moves Into Food Business

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma, a longstanding figure in China's technology sector, is diversifying his business ventures into the food industry with the establishment of a new company, "Hangzhou Ma's Kit..

US Chip Export Ban Is Taking a Toll on Chinese AI Startups

Amid the escalating trade tensions between the United States and China, the impact of the US chip export ban is reportedly taking a toll on Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) startups...

US Airlines Adopt New Strategies to Speed Up Turnaround Time for Planes to Save on Costs

Airlines are adopting new strategies to streamline operations and reduce costs in the highly time-sensitive world of air travel...

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Regions Financial Calls for An Overhaul
Regions Financial Corporation is on its way unto increasing the company’s profitability by means of cost savings and stronger bank fees.
Microsoft Expands Government Across New Regions
Microsoft launches a Department of Defense’ specific version of Office 365 and Azure, together with the introduction of the South West and South Central United States as Azure’s news Government region
China, Vatican On Elusive Deal On Bishop
China and Vatican is in close deal for the elusive agreement with the Bishop.
Belgium Still At 'Non' For Canada Trade Deal
Belgian region of Wallonia still shows off its contradiction to the Canada Peace Deal
Cleveland As America's Apple Of The Eye For Sports
Cleveland came up string with this year as they go championship game ob their fields, be it basketball, baseball, football etc.
CDA Finishes Sector D-12 Streetlights Project
In a record time of just one month, the installation of streetlights in Sector D-12 has been completed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad.
Australian Banks Shows Off As Good Investments
Banks nowadays are highly valued properties considering their high valuations and few potential risk factors. That’s why many experts consider it as a good investment.
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