JPMorgan Chase Is Ready to Leave China if Ordered by US Government, Bank CEO Jamie Dimon Says

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said Wednesday that the bank would leave China if directed by the US government.

Mark Cuban to Sell Majority Stake of Dallas Mavericks to Sands Casino Family for $3.5 Billion

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is now in talks to sell a majority stake in the NBA franchise to the family behind the Las Vegas Sands casino company...

Elon Musk's Neuralink Raises Another $43 Million as It Gears up for Human Trials

Elon Musk's Neuralink, a company focused on developing brain implant technology, has secured an additional $43 million in funding...

Warren Buffett's Trusted Associate Charlie Munger Dies at 99: What's Next for Berkshire Hathaway?

Investing icon Charlie Munger, who served as vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate controlled by Warren Buffett, has passed away at the age of 99...

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Walmart CEO Says Deflation Could Be Coming This Holiday Season
Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said on Thursday that the possibility of deflation could be coming this holiday season as other general merchandise and essential grocery gets more affordable.
Turkey Prices Drop, Making Thanksgiving Dinner Cheaper This Year, Says American Farm Bureau Federation
The traditional Thanksgiving gathering is poised to become more accessible to households nationwide as the American Farm Bureau Federation reported a downward trajectory in turkey prices.
Home Depot Offers Hope of Future Growth Despite Sales Decline, Says the Worst of Inflation Is Over
Retail giant Home Depot offers a ray of hope to investors and consumers by asserting that the worst inflationary storm is behind us despite declining sales.
Goldman Sachs Says Global Economic Growth in 2024 Will Exceed Expectations
Goldman Sachs Research is boldly predicting that the global economy is poised to outperform expectations in 2024, demonstrating resilience in the face of recent challenges.
Israel-Hamas War Leaves Airlines Struggling With Major Slow Down in Bookings
Airlines are grappling with a significant decline in bookings following the conflict between Israel and Hamas as people cancel trips to the Middle East and nearby countries.
Boost Your Personal Finances in 2024 by Using These 3 Money Tips From an Economist
As the financial landscape braces for potential economic challenges in 2024, consumers are encouraged to adopt a strategic approach to their finances.
Optus Outage: Telco Faces Backlash After Offering Free Data to Customers as Consumer Advocates Deem It Inadequate
Consumer advocates push for more substantial compensation as Optus acknowledges failure.
Meet inploi — The Company Building the Hiring Infrastructure for the Global Economy
We spoke to Matt de la Hey, co-founder and CEO of inploi, the UK-based talent attraction scale-up.
Unlocking Wealth: Margins Capital Democratizing Alternative Investments for Women and BIPOC
The door to financial prosperity and investment is one that has been closed for the majority of people, especially women and people of color, for over 150 years. Margins Capital and its founders, Step
How Does Bridging the Gap Work? Jean-Paul Fonteijn's Book Connects Complex Ideas to Everyday Readers
Ever felt like economic theories were an alien language you couldn't decipher? Meet Jean-Paul Fonteijn, your friendly guide to rescue you from jargon-induced confusion. His book "Extreme Wealth Should
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