Jeff Bezos Backs High Standards Amid Ethical Questions Over New Washington Post Publisher

Jeff Bezos affirms his commitment to upholding high journalistic standards amidst controversy surrounding the ethical integrity of The Washington Post's new publisher Will Lewis.

Melinda French Gates Reflects on Divorce from Bill Gates in Candid Time Interview

Melinda French Gates reflected on her 2021 divorce from Bill Gates, sharing insights about their separation during the COVID-19 pandemic..

Teamsters Welcomes Amazon Labor Union Following Decisive Voting Result

The Amazon Labor Union has elected to join the International Brotherhood of Teamsters...

UK’s Richest Family Faces Trial in Switzerland for Human Trafficking Charges

The UK's wealthiest Hinduja family is on trial in Switzerland for human trafficking and exploiting Indian servants allegations, facing accusations of passport confiscation and underpaying...

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Italy Arrests Russian Businessman Accused of Helping Son of Putin Ally Escape From House Arrest
Italian authorities have arrested a Russian businessman accused of assisting the son of a Putin ally in escaping house arrest in Italy.
G7 Summit Tackles China's 'Unfair' Business Practices, Pope Francis Joins to Talk About AI
The G7 summit in Italy has witnessed a historic moment as Pope Francis joined to talk about AI.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai Testifies in Ozy Media Trial Over Acquisition Allegations
Google CEO Sundar Pichai briefly testified at the federal trial involving Ozy Media, refuting founder Carlos Watson’s claims that Google had previously attempted to acquire the company.
IRS Tax Deadline 2024: States Extending Filing Deadline to November
As the IRS tax deadline approaches in 2024, several states are granting extensions until November, offering taxpayers additional time to file their returns amidst ongoing changes and challenges.
CalFresh Summer Benefits: How Much Additional Food Stamps Are Californians Getting?
Californians are set to receive enhanced CalFresh benefits for the summer, providing additional food assistance to eligible individuals and families across the state.
Ex-SEC Chief William Donaldson Dies Aged 93
The Yale University School of Management announced the death of its founding dean, former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Wiliam Donaldson, at the age of 93.
Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares Criticizes Own Arrogance in Dealing with US Plant Issues
Stellantis NV CEO Carlos Tavares admitted his own arrogance in not promptly addressing multiple issues affecting US operations, including manufacturing setbacks at undisclosed plants.
Donald Trump Slams US Aid to Ukraine, Talks Raising Tariffs to Replace Income Tax in First Capitol Hill Visit Since January 6 Riot
Former President Donald Trump has slammed US aid to Ukraine and proposed replacing the US income tax with higher tariffs during a visit to Capitol Hill on Thursday.
Christy Goldsmith Romero To Be Nominated as FDIC Chair Following Martin Gruenberg’s Exit
President Joe Biden will reportedly suggest Christy Goldsmith Romero to replace Martin Gruenberg as the head of FDIC.
US Congress Scrutinizes Microsoft President Over China Ties, Security Failures
Microsoft President Brad Smith was intensely questioned by a House homeland security panel on Thursday regarding the company's security practices and ties with China.
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